Inventory: My Wardrobe in Total Numbers!

wardrobe3The door is my wardrobe – loaded with dresses, cardigans, bags and scarves! Pics by Franzi.

It all started with finding out about the Project 333: Every 3 months you choose 33 items from your wardrobe (including shoes, coats, accessories – excluding underwear and sportswear) and those are the only 33 items you will wear during the next season. Since I am a big fan of sustainable ways of living, I asked myself if I would dare to live with only 33 pieces for 3 months. Then I realised that I had no idea how many items I actually have in my wardrobe (or in the accessories box)… and started to count:

23 buttons,

20 necklaces,

45 earrings,

9 bangles,

24 scarves,

10 jeans,

12 T-shirts,

7 coats,

22 skirts,

11 belts.

10 dresses (I just bought a new one),

22 cardigans,

9 blouses,

24 shirts,

36 shoes,

6 bags,

11 sweaters.

This makes the enormous sum of 301 items!!! …And I didn’t count my tights!

Okay, I don’t dare the Project 333. But it was a real eye-opener to actually count my jeans, earring, scarves… Do you have any idea how many items are hidden in your wardrobe? Let me know if you count an equally high number! Fun fact:  I always think I have nothing to wear (who does?).

Have a beautiful day!

wardrobe1A glimpse into my drawers.

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