Inventory: Bags!

bags4Three of my bags. Pics by Franzi.

So, let’s count my bags! I have: One HUGE rucksack (which I carry on my back nearly everyday), one brown leather tote (which I often combine with the rucksack to have easy access to my keys and money), one (girly) beach bag (which I also use in the city) and three bags I nearly never use (one from the 1990s, one was a recent gift and one for special occasions). This makes six bags. …Plus, an enormous red travel rucksack (what else?), a small travel bag, one big travel bag and one gigantic travel bag (which has already holes and is only used when I am moving flats).

Have a beautiful day!

bags1My beloved rucksack (you can see me everyday with this monster on my bag).

bags3My good-old (girly) beach bag!

bags5Three more: Two bags for the beach and one tote for special occasions.

bags2My everyday-tote!

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