Preserved Lemons!

All pics by Franzi. Preserved lemons are said to be absolute flavor bombs! Lately I saw tons of recipes using them – especially in extremely delicious sounding stews. So I finally decided to give it a try and to preserve some lemons myself :). Recipe: Ingredients: Makes two jars á 500 ml. 8-10 unwaxed lemons, […]

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Golden Corn Soup!

Pic by Franzi. The last days offered typical fall weather: storm and rain, but also some sunny hours. What could be better than arriving home at such days  and enjoying a thick, tasty and warm soup? For me, this golden corn soup is pure comfort food love. Recipe: Ingredients: Serves 4. 4 corn cobs (shucked),

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Two Cookbooks I Love: a modern way to eat & a modern way to cook by Anna Jones!

Pic by Franzi. Today I would like to present you two current cookbook favs of mine: a modern way to eat and a modern way to cook. Both are written by Anna Jones – a cook, stylist and writer. The books are a wonderful collection of vegetarian recipes that are not quite ordinary but easy

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Pasta Casserole!

Pic by Franzi. Today’s recipe is pure comfort food: (Gluten-free) pasta in a thick, creamy tomato sauce topped with melted cheese. A simple prepared dream of a pasta casserole! Recipe: Ingredients: Serves 3-4. 400 g (gluten-free) pasta, 1 tube tomato paste, 400 ml heavy cream, 250 g grated cheese, 1 garlic clove, 100 ml olive

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Home-Made Stock!

Pic by Franzi. Did you ever prepare your own vegetable stock? I have to admit that up until now I always used vegetable stock powder. It’s simply convenient. But then I was inspired by Rebecca Katz‘ book Clean Soups and prepared a laaarge pot of vegetable stock – with a ton of fresh vegetables I

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New Year’s Resolution IV: Cook Foreign Dishes!

Pic by Franzi. Instagram @luckmysocalled. My fourth resolution for 2017 is an easy one: Cook more foreign (gluten-free) dishes. I already promised my special someone, that we will cook every month another dish from his new The Nordic Cookbook (my X-Mas gift for him). Moreover, I read some exotic books lately, describing mouth-watering dishes from

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Nut Roast!

Pic by Franzi. A vegetarian classic that works perfectly as Christmas dish! Recipe: Serves 5-6. Ingredients: 250 g mixed nuts, 100 g shallots (diced), 400 g minced tomatoes, 3 eggs, 150 g Gruyère cheese (grated), 1 TSp fresh thyme, 2 TSps fresh sage (minced), 1/2 TSp dried mint, 1 TSp yeast extract (dissolved in 1

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