Preserved Lemons!

All pics by Franzi.

Preserved lemons are said to be absolute flavor bombs! Lately I saw tons of recipes using them – especially in extremely delicious sounding stews. So I finally decided to give it a try and to preserve some lemons myself :).


Ingredients: Makes two jars á 500 ml.

8-10 unwaxed lemons, 200 g coarse sea salt, 2 fresh bay leaves, 10 black peppercorns, 2  cinnamon sticks, water.


Sterilize your  jars.

Squeeze the juice from 4-5 lemons.

Cut a deep cross into the top of the remaining lemons.

Pack a teaspoon of salt into the cuts of each lemon and put them into the sterilized jars.

Add one cinnamon stick into each glass, as well as one bay leave and five peppercorns. Distribute the lemon juice between both jars and top up with boiling water.

Seal up the jar and leave it for a month in a dark space. Give the jar a gentle shake every couple of days to move the salt around.

After a month the lemons are ready for usage.


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