Those Wonderful Cookbooks! #fbm17

One of my favorites: Feel Good Kitchen (Stirring Slowly) by Georgina Hayden. All pics by Franzi.

Every year when I am at the Frankfurt Book Fair I bring home a lot of new book wishes – and most of them are always cookbooks. Here are some of my favorites I found this year. Lucky me, X-Mas is not too soon now ;).

Have a wonderful (and tasty) week!

The cookbook that really convinced me on a second glance: Vietnamese Cuisine from Elizabeth Street Cafe.

Peek inside:The recipes are French-inspired and look really fancy and delicious!

The Great Dixter Cookbook – Recipes from an English Garden by Aaron Bertelsen features seasonal recipes.

Das Beste vom Wochenmarkt by Elisabeth Raether (available only in German: „The Best from the Farmers Market“) – A collection of the fresh and seasonal recipes regularly featured in the German ZEITmagazin.

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