Granny Ruths potato stew („saure Kartoffelstückchen“)

Every time I visited my grand parents as a child and my granny Ruth asked me, what I would like to eat I answered: „Saure Kartoffelstückchen“. I am so glad I was clever enough to ask her after the recipe before she was gone… Despite I eat it through all seasons, it is the ultimate …

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Delicious Fig Recipes

I’m really into figs. And they are so versatile. I searched the web for some new recipes and these are my top three: Brandied Fig and Walnut Loaf …I really like home-made bread. Bread & Butter Pudding with Honeyed Figs Fig, hazelnut, apple, and pecorino crostata … perfect for cool and stormy fall days. Bon …

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Pumpkin time

I know, I know… Halloween is over. Nevertheless, pumpkins are the perfect fall vegetables: Colourful, easy to store and prepare, multitasking AND delicious. Here are my current three favourites: Swedish pasta salat: I found the recipe on a postcard, but if you use tagliatelle and crawfish instead of smoked salmon it’s the same like this …

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Pizza dough

Incredible how simple some things are, for example home-made pizza dough. I prepare it after this easy recipe of Mark Bittman. Just mix all ingredients together, wait for half an hour…done. Perfect. Like always: All credits appear after clicking the links.