Pumpkin Chestnut Soup

Pumpkin ist not only a perfect fall vegetable, but fits also nice with in the cold winter season. One very good example is THIS solid creme soup, where the pumpkin is combined with roasted chestnuts. I strongly recommend you, to combine the heavy cream with milk since otherwise the soup will be really heavy. If …

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Cookie Time

Only two more weeks until X-mas eve. Which means, only two more weeks baking cookies… Last week, my friend Suse prepared these white chocolate cookies with cranberries and, in doing so, she updated me via Skype about their delicious cookie dough scent wafting through her house. So, hopefully she stored a few of them away …

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Cauliflower and Chickpeas Stew with Couscous

Last week I discovered this delicious Cauliflower and Chickpeas Stew with Couscous recipe on the blog smithratliff. Since I really like cauliflower AND chickpeas AND couscous, I couldn’t resist and tried it out immediately – like I said: DELICIOUS. Photo by Franzi.

November Cake

Okay, this cake is termed „November Cake“, but you can eat it the whole winter long. The name is just a form of self-control. Otherwise one would begin to bake the first of this chocolate-apple-cinammon treat in early August. Picture by Franzi I love this cake. Always and forever…. not only in November! Recipe: Serves …

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Granny Ruths potato stew („saure Kartoffelstückchen“)

Every time I visited my grand parents as a child and my granny Ruth asked me, what I would like to eat I answered: „Saure Kartoffelstückchen“. I am so glad I was clever enough to ask her after the recipe before she was gone… Despite I eat it through all seasons, it is the ultimate …

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Delicious Fig Recipes

I’m really into figs. And they are so versatile. I searched the web for some new recipes and these are my top three: Brandied Fig and Walnut Loaf …I really like home-made bread. Bread & Butter Pudding with Honeyed Figs Fig, hazelnut, apple, and pecorino crostata … perfect for cool and stormy fall days. Bon …

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Pumpkin time

I know, I know… Halloween is over. Nevertheless, pumpkins are the perfect fall vegetables: Colourful, easy to store and prepare, multitasking AND delicious. Here are my current three favourites: Swedish pasta salat: I found the recipe on a postcard, but if you use tagliatelle and crawfish instead of smoked salmon it’s the same like this …

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Pizza dough

Incredible how simple some things are, for example home-made pizza dough. I prepare it after this easy recipe of Mark Bittman. Just mix all ingredients together, wait for half an hour…done. Perfect. Like always: All credits appear after clicking the links.