Asparagus season! Pt.1

Just two more weeks and it’s already May. Incredible – this year is running! And with the start of May, one of my favorite vegetables reappears on the marketplaces and in the grocery stores: Asparagus. I like the green ones and adore the white. If they would not cost such a fortune, I would eat them the whole season long and every day. And with so many different recipes out there it would be easy to create enough alternatives to the classic asparagus/potatoes/sauce hollandaise dish.

For example, you may use asparagus to prepare…

 …Pizza by Tim Mälzer (recipe only in German),

…Risotto via Food52,

…Pasta via Martha Stewart,

…Tart via Prijatno!, or

…Salad via My New Roots.

Like always: All credits appear after clicking the links.

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