What do you eat while suffering heartache?

Today is a tough one. How can I write about food when I am not able to even think about it without the strong intention to look for the next bathroom? You may think this is an exaggeration, but unfortunately it isn’t. But hey, there are still my bananas…

I only was getting a bit insecure about my only current food source, when Youdid sent me this article last weekend, explaining that scientists have found a diet against lover’s grief. They recommend to consume predominantly things like green tea, pasta, mangos, raspberries or wine (really?) and to avoid sugar, schnapps, bread, potatoes and… BANANAS! I have to admit; I don’t take this article too serious, because when I looked for more information about this study, I found nothing. Nevertheless, I should start to think about alternatives to the yellow fruits, otherwise my diet becomes a bit one-dimensional.

That’s, why I ask you: What are you eating while suffering heartache? Do you have any ideas for me? I would be happy to read them!

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3 Kommentare zu „What do you eat while suffering heartache?“

  1. Regardless of whether you are suffering heartache or not I highly recommend nuts, legumes and seeds (unless you are allergic). They contain nearly everything you need and you don’t have to eat tons of it.

    1. Thanks for the tip, Youdid. Normaly I love nuts and seeds and am constantely eating them, but not these days. They are waiting in the cupboard for better times 😉 And yea, that’s a very nice pic 🙂

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