Citrus Fruits

With the first days arriving smelling like spring, I start to crave for sunny food. And what can be more sunny than citrus fruits? That’s why a bought tons of oranges and lemons today and went home with the big resolution to prepare at least one of the tasty looking citrus-fruit recipes I found in the last weeks and present you here today.

Do you like citrus fruits and maybe even have another nice recipe using them? Let me know!

Incredible delicious looking orange ricotta pillows via Food52.

Mmmh… lemon tart (via master mouse patrol).

Perfect dessert: Lemon cream via Food52.

For every occasion: Lemon butter via A Beautiful Mess.

I had this for breakfast a whole week long and am still loving it: Baked sweet potatoes with oranges via whole living (again an action plan recipe).

Like always: All credits appear after clicking the links.

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  1. Mmm – looks delicious! I don’t have another citrus recipe, but I got a tip for the sweet potatoes: wrap them in wet newspapers and cook them in the microwave. This takes only 10 min for larger potatoes 😉

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