Confession: I’m a bread-addict…

…It’s not that I really like EATING bread in general. No, with me and bread it’s a much more complicated story. I like bread – if it’s fresh. And in my definition any bread older than 24 hours is not fresh anymore. It’s no secret that bread is the most delicious, when it just comes out of the oven, still warm with a crunchy crust. But that’s not what I miss after a day is gone – it’s the consistence of the bread that’s different. So, you see, there are a few difficulties in my relationship with bread. But there’s this one thing I’m totally addicted to and that’s BAKING bread. In fact, there were times, I baked nearly every evening one loaf, eating a few slices and then, the next evening baking a new one. Nowadays, I’m a bit more economic and bake bread mostly for friends and family. There’s nothing better than to see and smell, how a few simple ingredients develop into a perfect loaf of bread.

Do you also have a cooking/baking addiction? Something you just prepare because it’s fun making it? Let me know!

The classic version: Sour-dough bread (via bake & shake). Takes its time, but is totally worth it! How you can prepare your own sour-dough starter you learn HERE.

The white version: For a sweet breakfast as good as for hearty sandwiches (via Martha Stewart).

Sounds extravagant and looks delicious: Cheddar, beer and mustard pull-apart bread (via smitten kitchen).

The easy one: Simple yeast bread recipe (via 101 cookbooks).

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Like always: All credits appear after clicking the links.

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