HappinessPic by Franzi.

It’s not that long ago that I dedicated a whole week to the topic of Happiness. Actually I planed the long-promised Osnabrück city guide for today. But life cannot always be planned and now you have to wait for one more week before I reveal all of Osnabrück’s secret places. Today, happiness is more important. During the last week I realised (once again) how important a good spirit is. As I just started my freelance career (?), I had to face some days that were loaded with not-that-optimistic thoughts and a tiny motivation gap. But then I went to our allotment garden and guess what? After only 30 minutes I felt pure happiness and refreshed and ready to go on. So, I think it’s time to remember that it are the small things in life that make one really happy instead of waiting for the bigger goals (career, the right partner, the future….) to become reality.

These are the small things that make me happy:

* Banana Milk!

* Gardening!

* Bread Baking!

* To Ride my bike and look up in the sky!

* Rain on my skin (yeah, I know I’m strange)!

* The sea on a rough fall day!

* Running!

* A hot bath (Oh, how I long for my own bath tub)!

* To sit in an old coffeehouse with cake and my friends!

* Watching my favorite crime series (Always and forever Tatort)!

* Music (This always works.)!

* Standing at the balcony and watching the stars!

* Dancing!

* Observing I dog or any other pet!

* Calling a good friend!

* Reading a good book!

* A good night’s sleep!

* Writing a blog post!

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I wish you a very happy start into this new week!

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