It’s Gardening Time!

Gardening TimePic by Franzi.

You choose Gardening as the second topic you would like to read as a Special Monday post.- And voilá, here it comes… Like you already may know (because I wrote about it several times), I am the proud co-owner of an allotment garden myself and on top I have the incredible luck to have a wonderful, big balcony as well. So, gardening plays a big role in my life. It is relaxing, thrilling and educating. It gives you the perfect opportunity to meet up with people – whether in your allotment when you attain a community gardening day or at your balcony having a BBQ with friends. Gardening offers you an incredible number of distractions and, yes indeed, also work. It is not easy to maintain an allotment garden (last year we really sucked in mowing, but we learned something out of it and bought a new mowing machine for this season), or to think soon enough about buying seeds and providing your balcony for the new season. You have to learn how to grow vegetables. And tomatoes can be a big challenge. There’s an incredible number of books available with gardening tips, but the best way to learn how to do it is actually just doing it. – You will realize if you have done something wrong and try to do it never again. Gardening is a wide field… and I promise you that I will present you more about this topic during this season. And here come a few convenient gardening tools and accessories that would be beautiful and practical in every little space of green…

Have a wonderful week with a lot of hours outside in the nature!

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