Green Happiness: Ice-Time!

Green HappinessPic by Franzi. Sorry for the bad pics – it was too dark…

I made it 🙂. I mastered the Monthly Challenge of eating greener and created (okay, I admit it: with a little delay) four totally green recipes. This week was even more challenging because I tried to make something green that induces happiness. That’s why I asked a few friends for their ideas when I was enjoying the spring sun in the Schlossgarten with them on Monday. The one response that came quite spontaneous was – oh wonder – ice cream. There was no way of making ice CREAM with only green ingredients, but together we thought about the other possibilities and invented this cold, green happiness treat … on a stick. The popsicles are made of fresh peppermint leaves, pear juice and lime. When I prepared it, I nearly couldn’t resist to drink the mixture before freezing it. – I believe this would make a perfect booze-free summer cocktail, too!


Ingredients: Makes 4-5.

Juice of one lime, app. 200ml pear juice, a handful fresh peppermint leaves.


Blend all the ingredients with a hand blender and fill into small plastic shot glasses. Put in a plastic spoon (or if you have such sophisticated things, a popsicle stick ;). Freeze for app. 3 hrs (or longer).

Print Recipe HERE!

 Enjoy the happiness!

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