Grandma’s Best Treat: Banana Milk!

Pic by Franzi.

As a kid, when I stayed at my grandparents, my grandma always prepared something special for me – a special meal, a special dessert, or… a special drink. Her banana milkshake was the best of all her culinary treats and as simple as this: Just cut a banana into pieces, add one glass of milk, then mix it well with a hand blender (and if you like it, top it with a dash of cinnamon). That’s it. Easy! A few weeks ago, two friends visited me and were asking if I know how to make a banana milkshake. Lucky people they are, I had all ingredients in my kitchen, so I was able to prepare it for them immediately. They loved it and I was reminded once more on my own childhood. Thanks you so much for it grandma!

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