A life in TV Series! Part II: The Nearly Grown-Up Years (= now)!

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the TV series I was watching as a kid and in my teenage years. My brother was actually a bit confused that I forgot to mention one essential TV series of our both childhood years: The Sandmännchen, a German stop motion/cartoon series that we were allowed to consume every single evening before we (had to) went to sleep. Okay bro, I think I made up for this mistake now ;)… Today’s post is about the TV series I am watching nowadays. It was nearly impossible to decide for only a few of them, because to be honest with you – I MAY BE a series junky. It is just too relaxing after a long exhausting day to watch a short episode of a good TV series …. and then one more … and then one more … and then…

Which series are you watching currently? I would be happy to know!

Friends: Actually, I was thinking about to mention this series already in my 90s week. It was produced between 1994 and 2004 and especially the first three seasons a wearing this certain 90s charm. I watched some of the episodes already when they came out back then, but with German translations. I have to admit, that I was not the biggest fan of it. Only recently I re-watched most of the series with the original tone and couldn’t believe how funny those six guys were! Translations can be real joke-killers sometimes…

Sex and the City: I love the character Carrie Bradshaw! There are incredibly many situations in my life, where I think, ‚This is so Sex and the City!‘. I watched (and re-watched) every single episode and now I plan to buy all seasons for my permanent collection. – Because, who knows when you need the next time a reference for a real-life event that is just so Sex and the City?!

Grey’s AnatomyI watched the first episode of this series when it was brand-new…. and I thought it was too unspectacular to follow. Then 2 years went by and one beautiful evening I found myself with a circle of friends who were all big McDreamy fans and so I was forced to watch one episode with them. And that was it. I made up for lost times and since then, I spent many hours of my life with the residents of the Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital.

Türkisch für Anfänger: This is a German comedy series about a German-Turkish patchwork family, who has to deal with the differences of both of their cultures. Hilarious! …And by the way: Cem – you rock!

True Blood: The intro alone deserves an Oscar! A perfect composition of sound, pictures and story line. And when ever were vampires or werewolves more sexy than in the small Louisiana town of Bon Temps?!

Pretty Little Liars: Once upon a time there were five best friends. Now one of them is dead … but that does not mean that the intrigues of the murdered one as well as her influence on the life of the remaining four stopped. The most thrilling and spooky Highschool series I ever watched!

Always and forever every sunday night – Tatort: This crime series is my personal tradition (and of millions of other Germans). The one thing you can count of (nearly) every week: Sunday evenings are Tatort evenings. I watch it with friends or in local pubs (hello Grandhotel in Osnabrück!) or alone in my flat (these are the times when I simultaneously try to follow the plot and to finish this stupid puzzle of mine)… It’s good that there are some things in life that will never change :).

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4 Kommentare zu „A life in TV Series! Part II: The Nearly Grown-Up Years (= now)!“

  1. If your are addicted to series what am I???
    To complete my list list it would take soo long that i only want to add a few you and marie did not write down (because all series of your lists are also on mine).
    I also like private practice, how i met your mother, vampire diaries, new girl, modern family, 2 broke girls, bones, criminal minds, dharma and greg (watched it when i was younger), ally mcbeal (same), gilmore girls (also younger), being human and so on.

    Sounds that I have no life beyond watching series but that is not true (you know). And watching series is a better addiction that most others.

    1. Hahaha… I know that you have a life (besides watching series 😉 ) … and HOW could I forget Privat Practice?! It’s one of my favorite series! Stupid me!

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