What I think about when I think about Dancing… (part I)

Today I wanna show you one of my favorite things to do: Dancing. I’m still looking like a little elephant when I try to look like an athletic and elegant dancer, but hey, who cares! To dance means to be free of all these nerve-wracking every-day problems. Just move your body as wild as you can and everything looks a bit lighter. Okay, I admit, that’s the sunny and fun site of dancing. To really get somewhere with it, you need to train. And this can be tough sometimes. It’s -like someone told me lately- not obviously a healthy sport and there’s a limit of how far you can go with your body. And, of course, you need discipline… But hey, it is all worth it! And today I start to tell you why. When I think about dancing, I think about so many things that I termed this post part one. So, you can expect a follow-up…

BTW: Today, I’m off to one of my favorite towns in Germany (next to Osnabrück and Berlin, obviously), Hamburg. But don’t worry, I prepared some posts for this week and Friday and next Monday two lovely ladies agreed to be my guest bloggers. A big thanks to you two!

What do you think about when you think about dancing? I know there are many dancers among you, so tell me!

Very important – a cute outfit:

Tank shirt via adidas Sweater via adidas Hair ties via H+M Sports bra via adidas Shorts via adidas pants via H+M Leg warmers via H+M Toe caps via Ihr-Tanzladen

This irresistible atmosphere:

Photo book Hinter der Linden by the photographer Kerstin Zillmer with fantastic images of the Berliner Staatsoper Unter den Linden!
Thanks again Youdid for the great tip!

THIS made me laugh. …too true!

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4 Kommentare zu „What I think about when I think about Dancing… (part I)“

  1. When I think about dancing I think of perfection on one hand and letting go on the other hand.
    Dancing is a way of expression like talking, but much more than that, because it can also be shouting or silence. So learning techniques and steps is your vocabulary and the more you know the better you can express yourself. On the other hand perfection is not always liberating you still have to let go.

    1. Good statement, Youdid. And I’m totally d’accord with you 🙂 A sentence I read yesterday also fits perfectly: „Dancing means making the music visible.“ Have a nice day!

  2. I remember the sentence „dancing is dreaming with your legs“. Although I must say that the flying steps look much more impressive on that video than when we actually saw them in Frankfurt. It just wasn’t that big a stage although the steps were the same. The outfit is very cute! Love it!

    1. Thanks for the outfit – it’s the first time I combined the pieces for an outfit by myself here 🙂 And I like you sencence as well. So many clever words about dancing. Very impressive!

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