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Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. (Wikipedia)

Happiness and the ways to achieve this state of being is an extremely big topic in my circle of friends and often discussed. The one thing that became clear during all these conversations is that every person needs another set of priorities fulfilled to be happy. I know people who will only be happy when they are successful in their job, others find their greatest happiness in their family, with their kids or pets. Some people are happy with a big bunch of people around them, others need much more space for themselves. I have friends who are most happy when they are travelling and others when they are at their own peaceful homes. We are all different. Happiness means for me for certain another thing than for you, my best friend, my parents, my neighbors, the guy on the street. The ways to achieve happiness are just as different as the own meaning for someone. Personally, I might say that I feel very happy most of the time – which certainly is a blessing because I know so many people who would never say something like that about themselves. But I strongly believe that everyone has the capacity to be happy and that’s what we all should try to live :).

Things that make me happy:

* Music:
In all forms. Whether I listen to it or make it myself. Or dancing. Give me some good tunes and my mood will lift up immediately!

* Nature:
Nothing calms me more than looking at a tree or listening to the singing of the birds. Kneeling down on the earth in our allotment garden to do the work or caring for the tomatoes on the balcony is nothing but rewarding.

* Sleep:
During the last two years sleep deficiency was an ever-present reality for me. One cannot live up to his own standards if one is always tired. I had to learn that sleeping is a big prerequisite to be happy.

* Friends:
Relationships are the salt in the soup for a fulfilled life. I cannot imagine to be without my inner circle. Those people are the greatest treasure for me.

* Culture:
Cinema, exhibitions, theater, literature, concerts… A happy soul needs rest – and distraction that demands some attention. That’s exactly what culture does to me.

* Fulfillment:
Wherever one might find it. Some people find it at their job, some in hand crafting or producing music or painting or… some in their family. Everyone is in some way or another on the hunt to find fulfillment. And like Confucius said a long time ago: „The way is the goal“. Acting to archive fulfillment might be the best way to be happy.

* Good food:
Cooking is fun. A tasty meal is always a treat. To suffer no hunger is the tip of happiness.

I wish you all a week full of happiness!

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