Home-Made Stock!

Pic by Franzi. Did you ever prepare your own vegetable stock? I have to admit that up until now I always used vegetable stock powder. It’s simply convenient. But then I was inspired by Rebecca Katz‘ book Clean Soups and prepared a laaarge pot of vegetable stock – with a ton of fresh vegetables I …

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Rutabaga Fries!

Pics by Franzi. Who said that fries have always be from potatoes?! Here comes a delicious variation: with rutabaga! Recipe: Serves 2-3. Ingredients: 1medium-sized rutabaga, olive oil, smoked paprika powder, salt, pepper. Preparation: Peel the rutabaga and cut it into fries. Wash under cold water and dry with a kitchen towel. Put on a baking …

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Pic by Franzi. Here comes one of the many dishes we prepared during the last two weeks on our summer vacations. This one is an Italian classic: Panzanella! It’s easy to prepare (but needs some time to marinate) and tastes like a day in Tuscany! Recipe: Serves 4. Ingredients: 2 loaves of one day old …

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