A New (Delicious) Food Trend: Buddha Bowls!

Bowl1Pics by Franzi.

Did you hear about the latest big food trend, Buddha Bowls? The name comes from Buddhas ‚big belly‘. It’s one bowl filled with healthy ingredients from every food group: Carbohydrates, proteins, and yes, a bit fat. I am already addicted!

How to create a Buddha Bowl (as an example):

Choose vegetables you like – bell peppers, zucchini, squash, fennel or onions. Possible are also kale or some kind of salad. Decide whether you would like to eat the vegetables raw or warm (I like my vegetables oven-roasted sprinkled with olive oil and salt).

Next, add some proteins: Beans or chick peas, for example. I like my beans a little bit heated in a pot.

You also need carbohydrates – like rice or potatoes.

Finally a sauce – I prefer it made with yoghurt (either yoghurt mixed with a dash of lime and an avocado or mixed with a big tomato).


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