November delights

It’s grey and cold outside. So, some treats are needed desperately. Here they come… ASA crockery in knit design. Funny felt birds from skandi-chick (Photo by Franzi, seen at Schäffer, Osnabrück). Ball christmas pyramid from the German Erzgebirge. Floral Ice Cubes. This photo from oh_cloudberry. Fortune cookies necklace. Beautiful maiden braids and DIY instruction. … …

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Cold season hobby: Knitting

It’s getting colder outside, so let’s make it cosy inside! There’s nothing better than a good cup of tea, a nice song in the air, sitting on the couch, relaxing and concurrently be productive by knitting a beautiful rug/earwarmer/pullover… Here are my knitting faves: Young and modern knit magazine Knitted vase Cute knitted handbags Giant …

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Those Beauties

These things look so wonderful, I wanna have all of them. This nail polish, available in Germany via socoon. This hairdo (Here is a simple instruction how to make it). This ring (via A Cup of Jo). These bags. This print from Wendy MacNaughton. Aaaand…Happy Halloween! All credits can be found after clicking the links.

Special Monday: Fall Faves

Polka dots tights! Tartan (and pugs)! Modern cockoo clock!  Suitcase eyes! German VOGUE cover of the October issue! A tribute to Nevermind (Oktober issue Musikexpress)! And last but not least: my DIY Fave: Funky-decoupaged-pumpkins!   All credits can be seen after clicking the numbered links.