Hmm… breakfast! Pt.1

Good Morning Readers! This time I would like to address the yummiest meal of the day: breakfast! Here are some of my favourites and some that are simply typically German.

For starters, this is my all-day-every-day favourite: berries & crunch porridge.

Photo by Marie

It is so simple and quick to make! Plus, it doesn’t involve heaps of ingredients, only three: oats, crunch muesli and berries. I prefer either raspberries or strawberries, but you can use just any berry you like really. Along with my other morning routines, I put 2-3 table spoons of (quick) oats into a bowl, add cold milk to it (so that the oats are slightly covered up in milk) and heat it in the microwave for two minutes. After that the oats are nice and creamy, I add some frozen berries and some crunch muesli to it (there’s no guideline for that really, put in as much as you like) and cool it down with a little more milk. Voilà!

My fave for exceptional mornings (happens very rarely): French Toast.

The most “healthy” one: fruit & yoghurt.

The typically German ones: „Stulle“ and „Nutellabrot“.

„Stulle“ is a slice of bread with butter and either cheese, ham or salami. You can add whatever ingredients you like such as salad, tomatoes or spread. It is very typical in Germany and goes under several names, the most classical being „Butterbrot“ (= butterbread). Accordingly, a „Nutellabrot“ is a slice of bread with Nutella, a chocolate-hazelnut-spread. If you want it to be downright devillish yummi, go ahead and spread some butter under the Nutella, but don’t go counting calories…

What are your breakfast favourites? Any yummy suggestions?
So looking forward to hear them!

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