Topic of the week: The Roaring Twenties

Since a few weeks there was this idea in my mind to have once in a while a week-long theme. And today I would like to give it a try. First I plan to travel with you through our last century, beginning in the roaring 1920s.

Thinking about lifestyle in the 1920s, the first things that come into my mind are flapper dresses, Charleston dancing and extremely beautiful ladies.

Here comes a small portfolio of 1920s things I found around web:

* Shoe Clips are maybe a bit out of date, but still trés chic.
* 20s Hair-Dos look complicated, but phenomenal.
* The Great Gatsby lays still unread in my bookshelf, but its time will come. Promise!
* This Wallpaper is beautiful by being just classic.
* A wanna have brooch via jeanjeanvintage.
* Flapper hat via etsy.
* Such a pretty beaded bag via jeanjeanvintage.
* 20s people wore quite round glasses.
* Gorgeous phone via etsy.
* Such a nice vintage necklace.
* Original 20s flapper dress via etsy.
* I would like wear this pretty vintage gem in combination with a flapper dress.

Here you can test your knowledge about the life in the twenties (in German). I have to admit, I failed at most of the questions…

Like always: All credits appear after clicking the links.

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