Strange A Pose

„Chances hide everywhere, seriously damn EVERYWHERE.
You just have to see them, grab them and use them for you!
The Talented is to transform the Shit you got into Gold.
I believe that anything can turn Gold, if there is a quite good Idea behind.“
Bonnie Strange, 2nd of Feb

This Monday, I want to present to you one Miss Bonnie Strange. She is a photographer, a model, a singer and a blogger. Plus, she is the queen of „super high anti fashion“ and girlfriend of Wilson Gonzales Ochsenknecht.

„Be the shit“ – a declaration often posted by Bonnie Strange – appears to be a somewhat powerful mantra. As I understand it, it means „be yourself – and be the most shiny star you can be“. Adding to that, she almost weekly undermines the importance of not caring what other people might say. Next to her numerous fans, she has quite some „haters“ which she fights back with punishing statements. In my opinion, she is one down-to-earth, both powerful and beautiful lady that somehow manages to „be ghetto“ and this is why I find her so inspiring. Giving wonderful insights, she addresses all kinds of subjects such as bullying or taking drugs:

„the kids who are the “uncool“ ones in school times will be the shit after in real life, it’s a fact…! so just keep dreaming your dream and stay strong – no matter how bad your classmates treat you!
COS YOU ARE THE SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!“
– 26.02.2012

„no it’s not cool to take drugs, and drugs will never ever make u cool or happy. its cool to be a drug free junkie and be naturally happy and be able to enjoy life without this bullshit.
THIS IS REALLY THE SHIT! be proud to be a clean person with a clean soul.“
– 24.02.2012

Do you know anyone being both famous, down-to-earth and inspiring such as Bonnie? Tell us about this person and what makes him or her so special!

Last but not least, she isn’t just a photographer, a model and a blogger – she has also performed in a band called „the rio girls“ with Marie Nasemann and Jackie Hide. Unfortunately, they broke up in August 2011. So enjoy their unique piece of music.

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7 Kommentare zu „Strange A Pose“

  1. Hey Marie,
    what an interesting blog, definately something to look at! But to put it bluntly – I really wonder who is she to tell us „IF YOU LOVE TO DRESS UP [….] YOU SHOULD STAND UP AND START NOT GIVING A DAMN OF WHAT STUPID IDIOT PEOPLE TELL YOU“? She’s somewhat pretty, got a flawless complexion and a perfect physique and still – as she says – it’s hard to stand the mockery of other people! So how hard would that be for someone double her size, not half as pretty and pimples??

    1. Hey youdid,

      why thank you. Well, believe it or not, she has heaps of haters saying that she is too thin (some of the pictures might give that impression) who criticize her look or even her work as an artist. When reading the comments on her pictures (on fb) you wouldn’t believe how mean people can be. That is exactly why I believe she has experienced that hatred and felt that pain we – who don’t have her physique – have experienced just as much. That’s also why I find her so inspiring being able to stand up against it. I also believe that, no matter how beautiful or ugly you might be, being treated this way makes you feel bad all the same. Being beautiful or having her model-body does not make you feel any better, since one can always find things you hate about yourself, no matter how beautiful other might think you are..

      1. Hey Marie! I’m absolutely d’accord with you! No one should be evaluated just because of his/her looks. So, someone who stands up against prejudices like Miss Strange is indeed inspiring!

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