February Favs

It’s just mid-February and I already discovered so many incredible things I want to share with you. It was a tough decision what to show you and I ended up by presenting you (nearly) everything. And now I pardon myself – I have to go and make Party Popcorn

Have a fun start in your week. Any special plans?

Shopping and DIY inspirations:

A Hogwarts leather luggage tag via etsy

DIY: Sew mittens from an old sweater via A Beautiful Mess

Rock Paper Scissor necklace via etsy

Recipe: Colourful Party Popcorn with white chocolate via She Wears Many Hats


Wow, how much I envy…

…the closet from stylist  Mary Alice Stephenson.

…this book-loaded living room (I’m not sure, but I think it belongs to Karl Lagerfeld (?).

…and this party buffet, which includes truffles, chocolate dipped potato chips, cupcakes and an Oreo tower(!!!).


When I see the colourful looks of textile artist and craft teacher Shan Shan from Tokyo, I start to actual believe that spring will arrive soon and that the time will come, where I dare to step outside again without at least 3 layers of clothes.

Like always: All credits appear after clicking the links.

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