Perfect Places

Sometimes life is tough. Then it’s time to dream yourself away from all these daily troubles and your spirits will rise soon. Come with me and join me at those perfect places…

Somewhere inside Leslie Thomson’s colourful world.

Laying here in this cabin observing the play of the sunrays (via cabin porn).

Enjoying the rough sea and forgetting all worries (Anna McKenzie via Flickr).

Swinging and enjoying the green all around (Old Chum via Flickr).

The snowy Niagara Falls. Brrr…Beautiful! (Lee Shih Hsun via Flickr)

This cabin-like room looks incredibly cosy (and you can rent it for your holidays them HERE).

A Treehouse in Sweden. Idyllic holidays. Fantastic! (You can book it HERE)

Which are your dream destinations? Tell me!

A post dedicated to V. Hug you.

 Like always: All credits appear after clicking the links.

2 Kommentare zu „Perfect Places“

  1. Currently, Bali is my dream destination. And every place that is tropical. Love those pictures Franzi, especially the snowy water falls! Makes me want to plan trips to places!

    1. Yes, the waterfalls are incredible! And sunny places would also be my favorite destinations right now with these freezing temperatures out there 🙂

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