You’re all my Valentines!

I was thinking a lot whether to do a valentine’s post or maybe not, because every other lifestyle blog out there seems to post about it. And yes, I have to admit this is a bit annoying. BUT, to be honest, I am a girl and I like all this pink stuff and maybe sometimes I’m a little bit too romantic. So, in the end I grabbed the chance and prepared this very girly girlish post about great valentine’s gifts I found around the web plus a heart-warming Nat King Cole song and I dedicate this post to everyone of you my dear followers. Unbelievable how many you are already…

Are you celebrating valentine’s day or do you think it’s just a commercial invention? Let me know!


Web Ideas:

Eye love you card via etsy

Red velvet hot chocolate recipe from A Beautiful Mess

I like you card via etsy

DIY heart felt patches from Honestly…WTF via the senses five

Love ankle necklace via shopbob

Heart shaped balloons from Mignon Kitchen Co

Tattly Temporary Tattoo Enamorado

Pink heart sunglasses case from Jonathan Adler

Reasons I live You pencil set via etsy.

This Valentine’s post I really liked! (It’s a about gifts for stupid relationships. Funny!)


Romantic listening:

Nat King Cole – LOVE

Like always: All credits appear after clicking the links.

3 Kommentare zu „You’re all my Valentines!“

  1. We’re not celebrating valentine’s day, because our „Dreijähriges“ ist on 25th of Feb. I’m not so fond of it anyways, even though I’m probably just as over-romantic as you 😉

  2. I’m totally d’accord with you two. I also believe it’s just a commercial thing and one should show each other the love/friendship the whole year long and not focus on an industry-influenced day. But still, all these candies, and pink assecoires… 😉
    Wow, Marie, already three years! 🙂 Congrats!

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