After a breakup…

My last week was rough, so I decided against a happy-go-lucky post today. Instead, I would like to keep this week for once personal and write about Heartache. I’m everything but an expert in this field and my surviving strategies are less than evolved. In other words: I’m struggling, trying every second to hold myself together and not to fall completely apart…

These are the things I’m trying to do my best at the moment:

Eating bananas… I know that sounds strange, but bananas are the only food I’m able to eat if I’m suffering heartache. It’s not that I find them very tasty, but at least I’m capable of eating them. Sometimes soup is also a possibility – but not very often. I know other people in this situation start to eat enormous quantities, most of the time chocolate and other sweet stuff. – And that’s actually not the stupidest idea since this at least allows your body to gain some energy and strength back (and to produce some artificial happiness hormones, of course). But my body strictly refuses to consume anything else than…well, bananas.

Calling friends… This strategy is a new one for me. I’m actually not the person that is much into speaking while suffering, preferring to cry on my own. But I had to learn that it could be quite helpful to speak about it. Even if I’m completely down and cannot imagine holding the phone for more than a minute, I now force myself to dial the important numbers and to speak. Yes it hurts, yes it’s inconvenient, yes I cry… but afterwards my heart always feels a little bit lighter.

Distracting myself… Honestly, I’m not in the mood to do anything right now: I don’t want to be alone with myself, because I will for sure start to brood over him, the relationship and how miserable life currently seems. On the other side, I’m also not in the mood to go out and have fun, like going to the theater or a birthday party. But that’s exactly what I’ve done the last days. And you know what? There were actually minutes I paused being sad and, yeah, once or twice … I laughed.

Creating a new future… There is always a bright side. Always. You see, I’m still the optimist I used to be (…okay, I try to stay it most of the times). I was thinking about a change for a while. There’s this city not too far away that shouts my name from time to time. I never really thought about it for real, but maybe now the time arrived to at least check out the possibilities. And then there is this guy who asked me out a while ago. It’s worth a try, or? I wish there would be button to push that would allow me see, what my life would look like in one year. I’m sure this would be motivating …But since this is not possible, I at least resolved myself to think about the opportunities.

What are your heartache surviving strategies? Any tips for me? Let me know!

Joanna from A Cup of Jo wrote about the things to say to a friend after a breakup. Inspiring!

Marie send me this link that shows the eight steps Bonnie Strange takes to get on after a breakup. Thanks gal!

Like always: All credits appear after clicking the links.

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  1. Surviving strategy that always helps me: SPORTS! When you are to exhausted to think, you simply won’t. 😉 And it is good for the body, too.

    – little bro

    1. Yeah, you’re totally right. Running alays helped me a lot. Only it’s not possible now with this stupid cold :(. But thanks for the tip, little bro 🙂 !

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