My so-called Luck’s Top 10 posts of the last TWO years!

Wow, this Thursday My so-called Luck will be already TWO (!) years old. Since October 2011 a LOT has happened in my live – in regard to private and professional aspects. This little blog is the constant and my steady inspiration collector. There are times that I think that it takes up too much time and energy to run a blog as a private amusement. But it forces me to search for inspirations every day and the feedback is always incredibly assuring. So, I am still convinced that it is worth all the effort. Let’s do look back at the last two years. Here are the most visited posts. Wow, I was surprised about all the art posts among these all-time top 10!

— The very first post on My so-called Luck

I wish you a wonderful start into the fresh week! Make it a memorable one!

1. Ink Art! … I wrote this post to get an inspiration for my own tattoo in December 2011. One year later, in January 2013, I finally got one. Yeah!

2. Hiroshi Sugimoto: Theaters & Seascapes … The photography by Sugimoto inspired me enormously when I visited his exhibition at the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin a few years ago. So, it makes me extremely happy that you are inspired by it as well!

3.  My story with Miró’s Bleu I,II, III … During the week I turned 30 years old I shared with you some personal stories. The unexpected experience of Miró’s Bleu I, II, III in Barcelona is an emotion-loaded memory I will never forget. For this post I received the most comments ever – until today. It makes me really happy to see that so many of you share my passion for Miró’s work!

4. Time for Summer Memories: David Hockney’s iconic Swimming Pool Pics! … Is it Hockney? Is it the craving for summer? I really don’t know, but the swimming pool pics remain an evergreen. BTW: A went to Hockney’s A bigger Picture exhibition in Cologne after writing this post and was pretty impressed by his new works!

5. The Looks I Like Right Now … It seems like I am not alone in liking these looks!

6. Beards A Yes or No? … A controversy topic. I still am a big fan of beards!

7. Timeless Photography: Elger Esser … I met Elger Esser (and his photography) a few times on my old working place. I really fell in love with one of his photos. It just stuck in my mind – I guess that’s the best one can say about a piece of art.

8. American Apparel … Another look post that seems to fit your tastes!
9. Puzzle time … I would never have guessed that this post made it into the top 10. I started my own puzzle with this post in December 2011 – and finished it this January 2013. Now it lays on my floor and I just can’t stand the idea to remove it, because it took so much effort to complete it 😉

10. Ink Art Pt. II … After the HUGE success of Ink Art there simply had to be follow-up. In Ink Art Pt. II I secretly presented you my own tattoo plan. …Your feedback confirmed my initial idea and now I am the proud owner of a finger tattoo.

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