Time for Summer Memories: David Hockney’s iconic Swimming Pool Pics!

I’m in urgent need for some good thoughts after yet another stressful week. And with all these grey clouds outside, what can be better for this cause than to think about bright blue swimming pools? The word „swimming pool“ alone leads inevitably to the iconic swimming pool pics of David Hockney. I could stare into these blue beauties for hours – what brings me to the idea that it might be very uplifting to visit my local swimming pool this weekend…

I wish you all a bright weekend full of positive memories and thoughts!
(Yikes! This sentence sounds spiritual…)

P.S. If you live somewhere near Cologne, Hockney’s exhibition A bigger Picture, presenting  his new works, should definitely be on your schedule for your next weekend plans!

Portrait of an Artist (Pool with two figures), 1972

Swimming Pool

Green Pool with Diving Board and Shadow, 1978

 Sun on the pool , 1982 David Hockney

Lithograph of Water made of thick and thin Lines and two light blue Washes (POOL #1E), 1980

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