My story with Miró’s Bleu I,II, III

Me and my pal Isa share a lot of things, even our favorite paintings are the same. For both of us Joan Miró’s series Bleu I,II and III are the pictures that fascinated us from a very young age on. Both of us really badly wanted to see them live at least once in our lives. But when it finally happened we were completely unprepared and absolutely smitten! Did you ever had tears in your eyes, standing in a museum looking at a picture/three pictures? Well, it also was the first time it happened to me. The story is the following:

The three pictures are part of the collection of the Centre Pompidou in Paris. Thus, you would expect to see them there. Unfortunately, when I was visiting the museum a few years ago (during a small trip through Europe after my diploma), they were not there. That’s why Isa and I made plans to go to Paris next time together (after checking that they will be exhibited then). But first, there was Barcelona on our travel list. So, like you already know by now, we went there together in November last year. And yes, we knew that Miró was born in this city and that it is where the museum with the biggest collection of his work, the Fundació Joan Miró, is located. Of course, we went there, but honestly it never occurred to us that there would be even the slightest chance that Bleu would be exhibited in this museum (because it had to be in Paris, you know…). This was until Isa looked through two rows of paintings and glimpsed something blue… She came to me and said: „Could it be that…?! I saw something very blue!“. And then we stand there with tears in our eyes. Yes indeed, it was true. Bleu I,II,III was right in front of us (and left and right of us…it’s a triptych) and it was even more beautiful (and bigger) than we ever imagined!

This is how the three pictures look together :).

Bleu I

Bleu II

Bleu III

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6 Kommentare zu „My story with Miró’s Bleu I,II, III“

  1. just a student passing by…i came across your post while looking for images of miro’s bleu paintings. i’m so happy that someone else loves them as much as i do 🙂 someday i want to see them in person, too. i can’t quite identify why, but i could stare at photos of them all day, and feel so happy. cheers from USA, new england.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment 🙂 ! It’s always nice to hear that someone else shares my passion. You HAVE to see the bleu paintings in person. They are undescribable. Cheers back from Germany!

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