Timeless Photography: Elger Esser

I’m in love with a photo. A photo made by Elger Esser Juliane (2000). Unfortunately, I’m not able to show it you here. …Let me try to describe it: It’s depicting a young women standing in front of a window. She’s wearing something timeless – maybe a nightgown? The light coming in from the outside is illuminating her left side, whereas her right side is filled by the shadows of the room she’s standing in. I have no clear idea, why I’m so hooked by this pic. – I guess, it’s the dreamy and poetic atmosphere that it creates, together with a glimpse of something mystical and melancholic. Nevertheless, German artist Elger Esser is better known for his photography of landscapes than of people. But the timeless component remains the constant that makes every picture of him so fascinating. The erasure of the aspect of time in his pictures is achieved not only by the selection of his motives, but also by the techniques he’s using (like the long forgotten photogravure).

If you would like to see some of his photos live and you live near the German town Oldenburg, you are lucky (like me!): This week starts his exhibition Stille Welten. Hope to see some of you there!

Blois I, 1998Vogüe IDinard, Frankreich 2009 Combray Giverny III, Frankreich 2010O. Titel, 1994

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