Beards- A Yes or No?

Let us speak about, well, BEARDS. There are existing so many different variations of beards, its impossible to speak about each of them, but the beard in general seems to have a big fashion come-back and until today, I really was not sure, if I like this development or not. Just to be clear, I’m not speaking about the ordinary 3-days beard (I totally go for this), what I mean are full-grown beards. Preparing this post was quite fun – and I didn’t expect this at all. Incredible, how many pics of attractive men with facial hair I found. It was quite hard to pick out my favorites. So, in the end, I myself decided that I like bearded guys. – If it fits with the rest of the style and person and does not look unkempt.

What about you – do you like bearded guy, yes or no?

Beard 1, Beard 2, Beard 3, Beard 4, Beard 5, Beard 6

Look for more inspiring beard pics in this great tumbler: Beard Lover.

Like always: All credits appear after clicking the links.

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