The Sound of Osnabrück: Taiga!

Last week my pal Isa called me from Berlin: „A band from Osnabrück is playing a concert here. Do you know about them?“ Well, yes I do. I planned to write about Taiga this week anyhow. They are three guys from Osnabrück making German indie pop-rock music. I’m always surprised by the musical potential of Osnabrück. Here are so many bands and musicians that I honestly lose sight of them all from time to time. Taiga is a good example – I heard about their new EP Der Sommer ist vorbei already a little while ago and I never found the time to actually listen to it. Now I may be a little late, but the three guys make a nice relaxed German indie sound that somehow fits perfectly to my current „Fall“ mood :).

Have fun while listening!

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