Ink Art

This post was slightly more difficult than expected… I thought it would be great to show you some beautiful tattoos with unique meanings. Then I started my search and found it incredible what some persons choose to wear their whole life long. BUT in the end I was successful and found ten wonderful examples of ink art. Which one is your favorite? Do you have a tattoo yourself or would you go for one (in this case I recommend the flowchart at the end of this post) ?

CMYK color model tattoos via A Cup Of Jo.

So funny: Giraffe.

Pretty Dandelion.

For everything in life that needs quotation marks.

Fancy foot tattoo.

Big dragonfly.

This made the biochemist inside me laugh out loud: Diazepam formula tattoo. More scientific tattoos you find in the new bookScience Ink: Tattoos of the Science Obsessed„.

Delicate swarm of birds wrist tattoo.

Simple circle.

Cute bicycle.


Decision help: Tattoo do/don’t flowchart.

Credits appear after clicking the links.

5 Kommentare zu „Ink Art“

  1. Hey Franzi, first just a remark – some of the pictures aren’t shown completely (no. 2, 3, 4, 7, 9, 10).
    You know I never would go for a tatoo, but some of them are quite nice… So I like the dandelion, but it could be smaller, and the quotation marks are quite funny. Also the foot tatoo is really pretty, I like the font but I’d prefer other words…
    So, I’m curius about your tatoo 😉 whenever it comes…

    1. mmh…I could not detetect any difficulties with the pics, but, nevertheless, thanks for informing me.
      Like you know, I would go for something different than presented here. Otherwise I’m totally in love with the giraffe tattoo 🙂

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