Ink Art Pt. II

Wow, it’s always amazing which posts are the most famous among you. Until now, the number one on My so-called Luck remains Ink Art. I remember that it was not easy to find tattoos in the big jungle of the net back then, that I personally liked enough to share with you. Now, a few month later, I still am tattoo-less myself, but I kept on with the search for the perfect motive. I focused on tattoos located on hands, wrists or feet and today I would like to show you some of my favorites. Isn’t it amazing how many ideas are out there considering tiny tattoos?!

Among the presented tattoos here is a big favorite of mine… Thus, let me know, which one you like best (…or not at all) 😉


Colorful lines



A Heart under the Foot

Dotted Bow

Like always: All credits appear after clicking the links.

5 Kommentare zu „Ink Art Pt. II“

  1. Love the ink-art posts 🙂
    My favz are the colorful lines (nice idea, simple and also artistically) and the dotted bow (cute because its so small and kittenish) but i wouldn´t get one of these because they don´t represent me. But have good ideas for my next one. So I need time and the right artist (have one in mind for a small tatoo which you also know) 🙂

    So which one is your favorite?? I am anxious to find out.

  2. Let me guess: you like the dotted bow best, right? I must say i’m not so much a fan of tattoos although these are all really beautiful. I feel like i always want the freedom to strip it off and change whenever i want to. If i had to pick one though i guess i’d go with the wrist wave. It’s kinda manly though, more a surfer’s tattoo, don’t you think?

  3. Oh, I cannot reveal my secret yet. Maybe someone will write that it looks ugly… and that definitly would change my decision 😉
    Marie: The wave tattoo depicted here is located on a male wrist, but I believe it would perfectly go a girl, too!
    Une rousse: What are your ideas for your next one? And does bespoke person also practice as a tattoo artist? Well, then I would like to have his number 😉

  4. I tell you next time we speak 😉 And yes he is also a tattoo artist and I want to have a tattoo which represents a part of our past. And if anyone would say that my tattoo is ugly i would not care because i know what it represents and means to me and the only important thing is that you like it.
    So does that mean that you changed your idea in the last years?? I know what you wanted as i got mine. Is it still the same at the same part of your body??
    Uhh, i am so anxious, so tell me pleeeeeeeeeease 😀

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