Golden Corn Soup!

Pic by Franzi.

The last days offered typical fall weather: storm and rain, but also some sunny hours. What could be better than arriving home at such days  and enjoying a thick, tasty and warm soup? For me, this golden corn soup is pure comfort food love.


Ingredients: Serves 4.

4 corn cobs (shucked), 2 potatoes (peeled), 3 TblSps coconut oil, 1 white onion (diced), 1 garlic clove (minced), 3 carrots (peeled and chopped), 3 stalks celery (chopped), 1 red bell pepper (cored and chopped), 1 1/2 TSps salt, 2 TSps Cajun seasoning, 1/2 TSp paprika, 1/4 TSp ground cumin, 160 ml coconut milk, 480 ml vegetable stock.


Place corn cobs into a large pot and fill the bottom with water. Place a steamer basket in the pot. Add the corn and cover the pot with a lid. Bring the water to a boil, then simmer it for 8 to 10 minutes.

Use a pair of tongs to take the corn out of the pot, and transfer it to a cutting board.

Chop one of the potatoes in half and carefully place into the same pot of boiling water you used to cook the corn. Allow potato to cook until soft, about 10 to 15 minutes.

While the potato is cooking, roast the rest of the vegetables: Heat the coconut oil in a large pot, than add the other diced potato, the onion, garlic, carrots, celery, bell pepper, sea salt, Cajun seasoning, paprika and cumin. Roast for app. 10 minutes.

Use a knife to remove the corn kernels from the corn cobs. Blend half of the kernels, along with the cooked potato, the coconut milk and the vegetable stock until completely smooth.

Add the remaining corn kernels to the pot with the roasted vegetables, and pour the blended corn/potato mixture into the pot. Bring to a gentle boil and cook until potato has softened, about 10 to 20 minutes.

Remove from heat and season to taste.


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Pasta Casserole!

Pic by Franzi.

Today’s recipe is pure comfort food: (Gluten-free) pasta in a thick, creamy tomato sauce topped with melted cheese. A simple prepared dream of a pasta casserole!


Ingredients: Serves 3-4.

400 g (gluten-free) pasta, 1 tube tomato paste, 400 ml heavy cream, 250 g grated cheese, 1 garlic clove, 100 ml olive oil, herbes de provence, dried oregano, 1 diced onion, vegetables (like cubed bell peppers or zucchini), 100 g tinned corn (drained), a handful of halved cherry tomatoes, salt, pepper.


Cook the pasta according to what’s instructed.

For the sauce mix the whole tube of tomato paste with the heavy cream, the olive oil and one smashed garlic clove. Season with pepper, salt, herbes de provence and dried oregano.

Roast the vegetables in some olive oil until tender.

In a big casserole combine cooked pasta, 125 g grated cheese, the corn, the roasted vegetables, the tomato halves and the sauce. Top with the rest of the grated cheese. Bake at 180°C for app. 30 minutes.


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Beet & Pasta Casserole!

CasserolePic by Franzi.

When I come home in the evening, I am often extremely hungry and slightly exhausted. So, I need something hearty, simple and comforting to eat. A casserole is perfect since one can invent innumerous variations and while it is in the oven there is enough time to come down from the day and already smelling the scent of dinner time. The beet & pasta casserole is my newest dinner idea. The slightly pink noodles may look a bit strange (I had to think on ham while doing the photos above), but the beet makes it a fresh and delicious dish that I will treat myself with more often in the future.

Recipe: Serves 2-3

Ingredients: 250 g pasta, 1 vacuum package cooked beets (3-4 beets, cut into pieces), 2 diced onions, app. 125 g grated cheese, 2 eggs , 200 g curd cheese, nut meg, salt, pepper

Preparation: Cook the pasta. Meanwhile mix the eggs, the curd cheese and app. 100 g of the grated cheese. Season mixture with salt, pepper and nut meg. Drain the pasta, add onions, beets  and the egg-cheese-mixture. Put everything into a casserole dish. Top with the rest of the grated cheese. Bake for app. 20 minutes at 200 °C.


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Warm-Up Your Tummy: With Soup!

The weather forecast says that it will be extremely stormy today …. and tomorrow there should be even snow! I know, I know: It’s December. Nevertheless, the only good thing we all can do now it to stay inside with a delicious, steaming hot bowl of soup.


 Bread Soup via Food52 – Yoghurt Soup with Barley via Gourmet Kitchen Tales – Split Pea Sunshine & Saffron Soup via My New Roots
Beet & Black Lentil Borscht via My New Roots – Fragrant Coconut Soup via Olives for Dinner – Cauliflower Soup via The Pioneer Woman Cooks

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It’s getting colder outside: Celeriac Soup!

Celeriac SoupPic by Franzi.

It’s getting colder outside. It’s time for soup. My grandma makes the best celeriac soup in the world. When I cook it myself it always makes me think of her and my childhood. Keep yourself warm!


Ingredients: Serves 3-4.

1 medium-sized celeriac (peeled and cubed), 1 garlic clove (smashed), 1 minced onion, app. 800 ml vegetable stock, salt, pepper, 1 TblSp cane sugar, chilli flakes, olive oil.

Preparation: Heat the olive oil in a big pot. Add the celeriac cubes, the smashed garlic and the minced onion. Roast for several minutes. Add vegetable stock and let cook for 25 minutes. Blend all ingredients and season with salt, pepper, cane sugar and chili flakes.


Comfort Food Fav: Apple Pasta!

Apple PastaPic by Franzi.

I still have a lot of apples from our allotment garden. This week I decided to prepare with them some comfort food (just because every girl needs a little comfort now and then 😉 ) – Apple Pasta! This is something for my sweet tooth – sweet soft apples with a lot of cinnamon and sugar in combination with pasta. You may say it’s a variation of the classic rice pudding (one of my favorites as a kid). I am pretty sure that the combination of apples and pasta is not something for everyone, but I highly recommend it. It’s simply prepared, you only need a few ingredients, it’s sweet and last-but-not-least absolutely delicious.

Recipe: Recipe for PRINT!

Ingredients: Serves 2.
App. 3 apples (peeled and cubed), 400 g pasta, 2 TblSps butter, sugar & cinnamon, salt, zest of one lemon.

Cook the pasta in salted water until it is al dente. Meanwhile cook the apples for 10 min in app. 1 liter water with the lemon zest and 1 TblSp sugar. Drain the pasta and the apples and mix them with each other and the two TblSps butter (until it is melted and your pasta looks slightly oily). Then sprinkle with as lot sugar & cinnamon as you like (I personally like a lot of it).


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Fall Dish: Apple-Potato Gratin!

Pic by Franzi.

Can there be anything more autumnal than apples or potatoes? …Or, even better, a dish that combines them both by the help of a creamy sauce? Imagine a cold and rainy day (or just look out of your windows right now) and you may immediately crave for comfort food. The apple-potato gratin recipe will be the perfect solution for those moments.


Ingredients (Serves 3-4): 400 g potatoes (thinly sliced), 400 g apples (thinly sliced), 500 ml heavy cream, 1 garlic clove (minced), salt, grounded nutmeg

Preparation: Combine the sliced potatoes, apples and the garlic in an oven-proofed dish, cover with the heavy cream and season with salt and nutmeg. Bake in the preheated oven for 1 hour at 180°C.

Recipe for PRINT!


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Braised Cucumbers

Pics by Franzi.

Today I would like to present you a simple summer dish I know from my mum’s kitchen (…who was also so kind to prepare the above depicted meal!): Braised Cucumbers. They are not only very fast made, but also healthy and fit perfectly in the category of my personal comfort foods.
During my first years in Osnabrück it was very hard to get country cucumbers. I really have no idea why, but I was on a permanently hunt for them back then. Nowadays you can find them all summer long on the farmer’s market, but also in the supermarket without any problems. Happy me! Thus, go and get them and then enjoy them!

Preparation: Serves 2.

Peel and dice 1-2 big country cucumbers, braise them with 1 TblSp of olive oil in a big pot. After a few minutes, add  ketchup and water (1:1) until the cucumbers are covered and let cook for 20 minutes until tender. Season with minced parsley, salt and pepper. Serve with rice or (mashed) potatoes.

Tip: Meat lovers should add roasted minced meat.

Recipe for Print HERE.


Mac and Cheese

Todays recipe is a classic: Mac & Cheese. Warming comfort food that comes just in time with this grey and wet weather outside. The recipe serves 4:


250g short macaroni, 4 hard-boiled eggs (diced), 1 minced onion, 4 cherry tomatoes (quartered), 3 TblSps breadcrumbs, 150g grated cheese, 40g butter, 5 TblSps flour, lemon thyme, salt, pepper, cayenne pepper


Preheat the oven to 200°C and cook the macaroni and the minced onion in salted water  until the noodles are al dente. Drain the noodles, BUT preserve the cooking water – you will need it for the cheese-sauce.

Heat the butter; add the thyme and the flour and fry for one minute. Add spoonfuls of reserved cooking water until the sauce has a nice consistence. Melt the cheese in the sauce. Season to taste.

Put everything – noodles, sauce, eggs and tomatoes – into an earthenware dish. Sprinkle over the breadcrumbs.  Bake in the preheated oven for about 20 minutes.


Mac and Cheese (pdf for print)

All pics are made by Franzi. Ha 🙂