Preserved Lemons!

All pics by Franzi. Preserved lemons are said to be absolute flavor bombs! Lately I saw tons of recipes using them – especially in extremely delicious sounding stews. So I finally decided to give it a try and to preserve some lemons myself :). Recipe: Ingredients: Makes two jars á 500 ml. 8-10 unwaxed lemons, …

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No Time To Cook!

Pic by Franzi. No time to cook the last days. Yesterday I went to Göttingen and back to Hamburg. This afternoon I will drive to Frankfurt to my pal Marie and the Frankfurt Book Fair. Can’t await it ;)! In the upper pic you can see yesterdays‘ dinner: A potato dish by Mr. Clou. I …

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A New Gourmet Box!

All pics by Franzi. A new Gourmet Box arrived! Since the temperatures outside are rising, I instantly grabbed the raspberry sauce and enjoyed it with a bowl of chocolate ice-cream. And those are the other delicious treats I found inside the box… Eat Smarter Zine… Like I write every time I find a cooking zine …

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