A New Gourmet Box!

Gourmet BoxAll pics by Franzi.

A new Gourmet Box arrived! Since the temperatures outside are rising, I instantly grabbed the raspberry sauce and enjoyed it with a bowl of chocolate ice-cream. And those are the other delicious treats I found inside the box… BoxEat Smarter Zine Like I write every time I find a cooking zine inside a Gourmet Box: I love cooking zines!

Cocktail Truffles by Confiserie Heilemann GmbH… The lemon vodka truffle was my favorite!

Fairtrade Breitsamer Honey I like the fair trade part. But is it sustainable to pack the honey into small 20 g portions? …At least it’s convenient ;).

Apple Chips by Brög GmbH & Co. KG… Apple Chips are one of my favorite snacks – so that’s a big thumps-up!

Olive Oil with White Truffles by Tartufi di Gaetano… It’s a delicious oil and I already used it for some salads!

Raspberry Sauce by Atkins & Potts Ltd… Perfect with chocolate ice-cream ;).

Sauce Hollandaise by Atkins & Potts Ltd… It’s asparagus season, yeah! I will try the sauce – but I prefer home-made sauce hollandaise.

Plum Butter by Tarpa Bioprodukte… This is the favorite plum butter of my father. Really, no joke. I laughed out loud when I found it inside the box.

Peanut, Strawberry & Basil Cubes by KREBAER NUSSWERK GmbH & Co. KG… Still not a very sustainable package, but okay… the cubes only lasted for approximately five minutes. I loved them.

Palio „Wild Hibiscus Blossom Secco“ A nice summer drink. Not too sweet and refreshing!


This was a box full of little surprises and delicious treats. A good step forward into the „gourmet“ world, but it still could be a bit more „sustainable“ ;).


I got the Gourmet Box for free. Nevertheless, I only stated my own opinions . I’m happy to answer all questions regarding blog corporations in a personal message. Like always: All credits appear after clicking the links. If you are interested in putting ads on My so-called Luck feel free to email me for details.

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