A monthly Challenge! January: Going Vegan!

Going VeganPic by Franzi.

Voilá, I proudly present you a new series: A monthly Challenge. Life would be boring without a few challenges, wouldn’t it? And because the last few days (or should I say last two years?) showed already that I can deal with new challenges, I will make no pause and just search myself a new one …and in February the next, and in March another one and in April… I think you already get the scheme: 12 fresh months (okay 11,5) are laying stretched out before us and I will go for 12 fresh challenges. I haven’t decided yet if all of them will be food challenges (maybe yes – there’s still so much to try out; maybe not – life has to offer so much more thrilling challenges), but I will start with one. A big one. I will change my food status a bit: Instead of being a pescetarian  (Yeah, I also learned this word just now – cool isn’t it?) like usually, I’m going to live as a vegan from next Monday on for the next four weeks. In the beginning of the last year I made a 4 week detox during which I lived two weeks vegan. I found it pretty hard to adjust myself to this practise of a diet, but at least I had some recipes at hand and in the end it really helped me with some health issues. And since I planned to read Jonathan Safran Foer’s book Eating Animals for a very long time anyway, I will start to read it now and give my best to challenge myself. I will keep you informed how it is going on and MAYBE – if I will dig out some new delicious vegan recipes – share them with you.

Wish me Luck!

(My dear illusion: This one is a coincidence and has nothing to do with you or your current popularity.)

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