Street Food Love: Kumpir!

KumpirThe Kumpir I ate Tuesday: The Russian version with Mexican sauce. Pic by Franzi.

I have a new street food addiction: When I get a little hungry while strolling through Hamburg I regularly end up in a Kumpir bar. Kumpirs are baked potatoes, sliced in the middle, mixed with butter and grated cheese and topped with various sauces, vegetables, olives, pepperoni and all sorts of other foods. The name ‚Kumpir‘ comes from the Balkans. It’s a popular fast food in Turkey. What I like most about it is that it isn’t THAT unhealthy, it’s saturating and comes in lots of variations.

The two Kumpir bars you will find me most in Hamburg are the Kumpir König at the Grindel and the Kumpir König in the Schanze.


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