Asparagus Season! Pt. 3

Asparagus Fritter SticksPasta con AsparagiAsparagus, Lemon & Ricotta Tart.
Asparagus SoupAsparagus-Avocado Spring RollsAsparagus, Tomato & Olive Loaf.
Pickled AsparagusGarlic-Roasted AsparagusGarlicky Asparagus Flatbread.

One of the best things about the month of May is that the Asparagus season starts. I guess that two kinds of humans are existing – the ones that love the white or green vegetables and the ones that hate them. But I believe that the first group is much bigger than the second. I belong certainly to the asparagus lovers. Asparagus is best with new potatoes and sauce hollandaise but I am always surprised about all the various recipes that are also possible with them: Tarts, flatbreads or even an asparagus loaf! Luckily there is still some time left of this year’s asparagus season to try out a few more 🙂

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Beet & Pasta Casserole!

CasserolePic by Franzi.

When I come home in the evening, I am often extremely hungry and slightly exhausted. So, I need something hearty, simple and comforting to eat. A casserole is perfect since one can invent innumerous variations and while it is in the oven there is enough time to come down from the day and already smelling the scent of dinner time. The beet & pasta casserole is my newest dinner idea. The slightly pink noodles may look a bit strange (I had to think on ham while doing the photos above), but the beet makes it a fresh and delicious dish that I will treat myself with more often in the future.

Recipe: Serves 2-3

Ingredients: 250 g pasta, 1 vacuum package cooked beets (3-4 beets, cut into pieces), 2 diced onions, app. 125 g grated cheese, 2 eggs , 200 g curd cheese, nut meg, salt, pepper

Preparation: Cook the pasta. Meanwhile mix the eggs, the curd cheese and app. 100 g of the grated cheese. Season mixture with salt, pepper and nut meg. Drain the pasta, add onions, beets  and the egg-cheese-mixture. Put everything into a casserole dish. Top with the rest of the grated cheese. Bake for app. 20 minutes at 200 °C.


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Pasta e Basta!

 One Pot PastaButternut Squash CappellacciPasta e Fagioli.
Pasta with Yogurt & Caramelized OnionsMac & CheesePasta with Cauliflower, Walnuts & Feta.

Sometimes a girl needs some carbohydrates. Then she feels lucky again. Oh, there are so many simple variations to prepare a delicious pasta dish. I guess I could live only from pasta … e basta 🙂

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When I Feel Sick I Eat … Milk Noodles!

Milk NoodlesPic by Franzi.

The monthly challenge of eating something new has to put on hold for one week … thanks to this stupid tonsillitis I am still fighting with. It’s getting better now, but I couldn’t imagine myself to go into the supermarket, to research for recipes and to stand longer than 10 minutes in the kitchen. Instead I cooked a dish I always ate as a child – my mum prepared it on rare occasions as a breakfast and it was one of the first (very easy) recipes I knew: Milk noodles! I know that some people cannot imagine to eat sweat pasta but I simply love it. Here comes the easy preparation:

Bring app. 500 ml milk to simmer, add app. 250 g pasta, 1 TSp salt and 1TblSp sugar. Cook for app. 10 minutes, carefully and constantly stirring. Serve with a lot of sugar and cinnamon.


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Comfort Food Fav: Apple Pasta!

Apple PastaPic by Franzi.

I still have a lot of apples from our allotment garden. This week I decided to prepare with them some comfort food (just because every girl needs a little comfort now and then 😉 ) – Apple Pasta! This is something for my sweet tooth – sweet soft apples with a lot of cinnamon and sugar in combination with pasta. You may say it’s a variation of the classic rice pudding (one of my favorites as a kid). I am pretty sure that the combination of apples and pasta is not something for everyone, but I highly recommend it. It’s simply prepared, you only need a few ingredients, it’s sweet and last-but-not-least absolutely delicious.

Recipe: Recipe for PRINT!

Ingredients: Serves 2.
App. 3 apples (peeled and cubed), 400 g pasta, 2 TblSps butter, sugar & cinnamon, salt, zest of one lemon.

Cook the pasta in salted water until it is al dente. Meanwhile cook the apples for 10 min in app. 1 liter water with the lemon zest and 1 TblSp sugar. Drain the pasta and the apples and mix them with each other and the two TblSps butter (until it is melted and your pasta looks slightly oily). Then sprinkle with as lot sugar & cinnamon as you like (I personally like a lot of it).


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Vegan Pasta Carbonara & Week Three of Going Vegan!

Vegan Pasta CarbonaraPic by Franzi.

I have to admit something: Week three of my Monthly Challenge of Going Vegan went not really good. On Thursday I invited some people over to cook together (vegan) Chickpeas Tajine. Unfortunately one of them brought a (not-so-vegan) cake and left it at my place … you cannot throw away a cake, can you?! On Friday I met a friend in a coffee bar and I was very hungry. I (very committed of staying vegan) asked if they may have vegan soups. I get served a tomato soup … with a lot of (not-so-vegan) cream. I was really very hungry … and a bit confused that even the modern looking waitress did not seem to know that there’s a difference between veganism and vegetarianism. On Saturday I woke up a bit later and was told by a friend of mine the whole time how delicious it would be to go to the farmers market and eat there a battered fish as a late breakfast. I had to go to the farmers market anyway and how could I resist this temptation when he was ordering it directly in front of me?! And then came the best comment of the last three weeks: “But Franzi, doesn’t the batter contain eggs – is it still vegan?!”. Obviously only the batter was the not-so-vegan part of this dish ;).

But hey, the rest of the week I remained very dedicated. One discovery I made: German vegan chef Attila Hildmann’s recipes sound all very delicious and simple and as if they would be able to help even my still-not-used-to-a-vegan-diet-and-therefore-always-hungry-feeling-stomach to get full. I tried a slightly adaptation of his Spaghetti with Mint, Peas & Cream Sauce recipe (watch the German video tutorial here) and prepared myself a (very) big pot of Vegan Pasta Carbonara. Delicious, so give it a try!


Ingredients (serves 4):

1 package smoked tofu (diced),  1 onion (peeled and diced), app. 200 g frozen peas, 2 TblSps olive oil, a handful fresh mint leaves (minced), 300 g pasta, salt, pepper, zest of one lemon, 200 ml soy cream.


Cook your pasta for app. 10 minutes in salted water. After 5 minutes add your frozen peas directly into the pasta water. Wait until pasta and peas are al dente.  Drain the water.
In between, heat the olive oil  and roast gently the smoked tofu. Add the onions, season with pepper and salt, roast gently. Add the mint, the soy cream and the lemon zest. Let cook for two  more minutes on a low flame.
Add the still warm pasta and peas directly to the sauce, mix gently and season with salt and pepper.

Recipe for PRINT


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Pasta with Zucchini Sauce

Picture by Franzi.

Once upon time I spent a whole day with friends watching Harry Potter films (1-6) and eating pasta (I know this sounds crazy, but actually it was big fun!). This was the day I discovered this zucchini pasta sauce recipe: It was prepared and served by the host of our little sit-in. And she knew the recipe from the mother of a former boyfriend… I would say, the relationship was totally worth it. That’s how yummi I think this sauce is. Especially now, where you can find the most amazing looking zucchini at the farmers market!


1 big zucchini (cut in very thin slices), 250 ml cream, 1 small onion (minced), 4 sun-dried tomatoes (minced), red pepper, olive oil, salt, pepper


Heat olive oil in a big pot, add onions and gently roast them. Afterwards, add zucchini slices and roast them until they are tender and look shriveled. Add minced tomatoes and cream, let concentrate for a few minutes. Season with salt, pepper and red pepper. Serve with pasta.

Print Recipe HERE.


Thanks N. for sharing this delicious treat with me back then! XO!

Asparagus season! Pt.1

Just two more weeks and it’s already May. Incredible – this year is running! And with the start of May, one of my favorite vegetables reappears on the marketplaces and in the grocery stores: Asparagus. I like the green ones and adore the white. If they would not cost such a fortune, I would eat them the whole season long and every day. And with so many different recipes out there it would be easy to create enough alternatives to the classic asparagus/potatoes/sauce hollandaise dish.

For example, you may use asparagus to prepare…

…Pizza by Tim Mälzer (recipe only in German),

…Risotto via Food52,

…Pasta via Martha Stewart,

…Tart via Prijatno!, or

…Salad via My New Roots.

Like always: All credits appear after clicking the links.

Pasta salad

Photo by Franzi

With the first sunrays appearing in springtime, also the barbecue season starts. And who cares about temperatures, when the smell of hot coals is in the air?  For me BBQ is not only about what lays on the grill, but also about what’s served as side dish. Today, I would like to present you one of my family’s classics: Our party pasta salad. Contrary to most recipes, this one is prepared without any mayo and therefore really light and refreshing. So enjoy!

What is your favorite BBQ side dish? I would be happy to know!

Ingredients: serves 6-8

1 glass gherkins (diced), 1 apple (peeled, cored and diced), 1 cucumber (diced), 1 onion (thinly sliced) , 500g pasta, 4 tomatoes (diced), parsley (minced), salt, pepper, 1 Tsp sugar, 2 Tbsp oil


Cook the pasta al dente and let it cool down. Combine pasta, vegetables and parsley; add the gherkin water (w/o the spices) and oil. Season with salt, pepper and sugar.

Recipe for Print