Asparagus Season! Pt. 3

Asparagus Fritter SticksPasta con AsparagiAsparagus, Lemon & Ricotta Tart.
Asparagus SoupAsparagus-Avocado Spring RollsAsparagus, Tomato & Olive Loaf.
Pickled AsparagusGarlic-Roasted AsparagusGarlicky Asparagus Flatbread.

One of the best things about the month of May is that the Asparagus season starts. I guess that two kinds of humans are existing – the ones that love the white or green vegetables and the ones that hate them. But I believe that the first group is much bigger than the second. I belong certainly to the asparagus lovers. Asparagus is best with new potatoes and sauce hollandaise but I am always surprised about all the various recipes that are also possible with them: Tarts, flatbreads or even an asparagus loaf! Luckily there is still some time left of this year’s asparagus season to try out a few more 🙂

More asparagus recipes on My so-called Luck: Asparagus Season Pt.1, sauce hollandaise, asparagus salad & asparagus soup.

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