When I Feel Sick I Eat … Milk Noodles!

Milk NoodlesPic by Franzi.

The monthly challenge of eating something new has to put on hold for one week … thanks to this stupid tonsillitis I am still fighting with. It’s getting better now, but I couldn’t imagine myself to go into the supermarket, to research for recipes and to stand longer than 10 minutes in the kitchen. Instead I cooked a dish I always ate as a child – my mum prepared it on rare occasions as a breakfast and it was one of the first (very easy) recipes I knew: Milk noodles! I know that some people cannot imagine to eat sweat pasta but I simply love it. Here comes the easy preparation:

Bring app. 500 ml milk to simmer, add app. 250 g pasta, 1 TSp salt and 1TblSp sugar. Cook for app. 10 minutes, carefully and constantly stirring. Serve with a lot of sugar and cinnamon.


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