Maison Scotch

Amsterdam label Maison Scotch was launched in 2010 and with Fall/Winter 2011/12 they present already their fourth collection. The clothes are simple, yet always stylish with this certain “je ne sais quoi”. One can wear them either with a rebellious or a romantic-vintage attitude.-I like both ways.

Available via Scotch & Soda.

All pics from the Maison Scotch lookbook.

Little Dragon

The swedish band Little Dragon will play tomorrow in Berlin and I will be there ­čÖé

The band around the japanese-swedish singer Yukimi Nagano exists since 1996 and released already 2 albums before their third, Ritual union, came out in July this year. But I only became I fan, when I first saw a video live-performing their song “Ritual Union”. Since then, I’m totally addicted and will dance like hell tomorrow evening…

Update: Unfortunally, the concert is canceled due to sickness of one of the band players. But there will be a new date for it… Can’t wait.

Update: The new-scheduled concert was fantastic!

Those Beauties

These things look so wonderful, I wanna have all of them.

This nail polish, available in Germany via socoon:

This hairdo (Here is a simple instruction how to make it):

This ring (via A Cup of Jo):

These bags:

This print from Wendy MacNaughton:

Aaaand…Happy Halloween!

All credits can be found after clicking the links.

Brassaï (Gyula Halász) 1899-1984

brassai_couple2Two weeks ago I visited the “Eyes on Paris” exhibition in Hamburg that presents books with photography about Paris, beginning in the late 19th century until now. It was absolutely stunning to see pictures of a time, which is long gone. The photos which had the most impact on me were the ones from Brassa├» who arrived in Paris from Hungary in 1924 and documented the city “under the cover of darkness”. In his pictures he captured people with all kinds of social backgrounds, like the prostitutes on the streets near les Halles or couples in bistros and bars. Especially his view into the shady world of good old Paris makes his photos that fascinating.

For picture credits and more information visit the nice blog bestamericanart.

Back to the sixties: Lana del Rey and Gemma Ray

After the big success of Kitty Daisy & Lewis with their 50s flavoured sound, now the following decades, the 60s and 70s, seem to be the next big thing. First to be named is Lana del Rey, a name that did appear constantly in music blogs during the last months.

I’ve seen Kitty, Daisy and Lewis this september in Hamburg and, surprise, their supporting act hast also a clear touch of the 60s : Gemma Ray – Rey/Ray easy to remember…

Special Monday: Fall Faves

I polka dots tights, II tartan (and pugs), III modern cockoo clock,  IV suitcase eyes, V  german VOGUE cover of the October issue, VI A tribute to Nevermind (Oktober issue Musikexpress).

All credits can be seen after clicking the numbered links. Central picture via

And last but not least: my DIY Fave: funky-decoupaged-pumpkins: