X-Mas is all around us

This whole blog week is dedicated to only one subject: Surprise, it’s X-Mas! Today’s Special Monday post starts with a small collection of everything you will need the next days: 1) Last minute gift ideas (at least you may write vouchers with great ideas 😉 – my brother knows what I’m speaking about.). 2) Songs and Videos to get you in the right mood. 3) Decoration and DIY ideas. 4) One tiny beauty inspiration. And more…

Have fun and enjoy the final days before Santa is arriving!

Mood enhancers:

Gift Ideas I Like:

For Kids: Egg Molds.

For Geeks: Pi ice-cube maker.

For me: Sun Jar.

For Girls with always cold hands: Mittens.

Against the dark: Table Lamp.

For green guys: Leather Lunch Bag.

For Owl/Wine Lovers: Owl Corkscrew.


These paper stars – or in German “Fröbelsterne” – are easy prepared and give everything an extra X-Mas twist (the beauties here are made and photographed by my pal Suse). DIY instruction here.

Last minute wreath made of balls of wool. Seen at Country Living.

Funny Print by Gemma Corell. Too sad I still don’t own a pug dog.


Sophisticated X-Mas Nails. Wow…I would never be able to create that. But still, I would really like to.


How Drunk Can You Get at Your Office Christmas Party?

Great post from newyork.grubstreet.com

Like always: All credits appear after clicking the links.

Thread Arts

I planned to prepare this post about the clear trend in Arts I just realised to use thread, but the Jealous Curator obviously was faster than me. Nevertheless, I still wanted to show you a few examples here. I really like this development since it gives the pictures/installations this certain unexpected twist… Have fun!

Amanda McCavour:

Hagar van Heummen:


Maria Aparicio:Like always: All credits will appear after clicking the links.

Pumpkin Chestnut Soup

Pumpkin ist not only a perfect fall vegetable, but fits also nice with in the cold winter season. One very good example is THIS solid creme soup, where the pumpkin is combined with roasted chestnuts. I strongly recommend you, to combine the heavy cream with milk since otherwise the soup will be really heavy. If prepared in the light variation it will be the ultimate heart-warmer during crisp cold days.

Recipe via La Domestique.

The Looks I Like Right Now

During the last week I stumbled over this small collection of photos with adorable looks. I love them all and wanted to share them with you. So here they come…

…what a beauty

…messy hairdo via Joanna Goddard pinterest

…perfect colour combination blue flares/violet pumps

…I know: not wearable.-But still… Wild pirate make-up

…I adore her red hair.

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Coeur de Pirate

Like you can see in the picture above this week’s music post fits perfectly with yesterday’s tattoo theme since the 22 years old Canadian singer-songwriter Béatrice Martin, better known as Coeur de Pirate, clearly is a tattoo lover. Her French texts are often accompanied by her wonderful piano playing (she started playing it when she was only 3 years old) and her songs sound like a modern form of the classic chanson. Her second album “Blonde” is already out in the French-speaking part of the world and will be released on January, 27th 2012 in Germany.

More information: www.spiegel.de,wikipedia

Picture credit: Wikipedia.

Ink Art

This post was slightly more difficult than expected… I thought it would be great to show you some beautiful tattoos with unique meanings. Then I started my search and found it incredible what some persons choose to wear their whole life long. BUT in the end I was successful and found ten wonderful examples of ink art. Which one is your favorite? Do you have a tattoo yourself or would you go for one (in this case I recommend the flowchart at the end of this post) ?
CMYK color model tattoos via A Cup Of Jo.

So funny: Giraffe.

Pretty Dandelion.

For everything in life that needs quotation marks.

Fancy foot tattoo.

Big dragonfly.

This made the biochemist inside me laugh out loud: Diazepam formula tattoo. More scientific tattoos you find in the new bookScience Ink: Tattoos of the Science Obsessed“.

Delicate swarm of birds wrist tattoo.

Simple circle.

Cute bicycle.

Decision help: Tattoo do/don’t flowchart.

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The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen

It took me a few weeks to read “The Corrections” by american writer Jonathan Franzen (published in 2001), a novel about five Midwestern anxiety-ridden family members set in the late 1990th. There are the parents, Enid (an obsessive wife and mother) and Alfred (the stern patriarch battling Parkinson’s’ induced dementia) as well as their three very different children Gary (a depressed investment banker), Chip (a failed literature professor and screen play author) and Denise (a succesful chef struggling with her sexual identity). The novel weaves from one family member to another and from the present to the past, climaxing in one final Christmas that Enid wishes to spend with her entire family in the family’s house.

In the beginning, I found it hard to get used to Franzen’s language and the big plot, describing the ordinary contemporary life of an american family, but after a while I got used to it and was totally involved with each characters troubles. So, if you have some patience with in the beginning difficult books, I can strongly recommend it to you ! For for the rest of you, there are rumors that a drama series project of “The Corrections” is prepared.

More Information:
Nice New York Times article about Franzen writing “The Corrections”

Picture credit: Wikipedia.

Cookie Time

Only two more weeks until X-mas eve. Which means, only two more weeks baking cookies… Last week, my friend Suse prepared these white chocolate cookies with cranberries and, in doing so, she updated me via Skype about their delicious cookie dough scent wafting through her house. So, hopefully she stored a few of them away for our next get together…

Photo by Suse (for more information please contact me).


They are versatile, robust, pretty (if you like massive bags) and store a lot. Besides, they are THE BAG TREND this season. Do you like them? Tell me your opinion!

The Classic in navy from The Cambridge Satchel Company.


Pink satchel from Oasis.


The old school version from The Leather Satchel Company via antecedens.


Dotted beauty from Urban Outfitters.


Vintage style from ASOS.


NOT my budget, but PRETTY: Nancy Bird Bag.

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The Smiths and Lana del Rey Update

Picture from Wikipedia.

Speaking about music, I don’t have many idols: Radiohead, Arcade Fire, The National and…The Smiths. The band consisting of Mike Joyce, Johnny Marr, Steven Morrissey and Andy Rourke was formed in 1982 and broke up already 5 years later, in 1987. The success outside the UK during their active time failed to appear, but nevertheless in todays critics they are often seen as THE english band of the 80s. What makes them so special for me is their inventive sound, their critical and ironic texts and Morrisseys’ unmistakable voice.

The Smiths – Girlfriend In A Coma von stevanhogg

UPDATE Lana del Rey

Even I was surprised by the big success of Lana del Reys’ song “Video Games”, now her first album “Born to Die” will be released on January 30, 2012 🙂 The single with the same name is set for release 23rd January and the video is already out (Update: The GEMA denied the official video today. I reloaded another version, but Idon’t know how long it will work…):

More infos about Lana del Rey are available HERE.