They are versatile, robust, pretty (if you like massive bags) and store a lot. Besides, they are THE BAG TREND this season. Do you like them? Tell me your opinion!

The Classic in navy from The Cambridge Satchel Company.


Pink satchel from Oasis.


The old school version from The Leather Satchel Company via antecedens.


Dotted beauty from Urban Outfitters.


Vintage style from ASOS.


NOT my budget, but PRETTY: Nancy Bird Bag.

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The Smiths and Lana del Rey Update

Picture from Wikipedia.

Speaking about music, I don’t have many idols: Radiohead, Arcade Fire, The National and…The Smiths. The band consisting of Mike Joyce, Johnny Marr, Steven Morrissey and Andy Rourke was formed in 1982 and broke up already 5 years later, in 1987. The success outside the UK during their active time failed to appear, but nevertheless in todays critics they are often seen as THE english band of the 80s. What makes them so special for me is their inventive sound, their critical and ironic texts and Morrisseys’ unmistakable voice.

The Smiths – Girlfriend In A Coma von stevanhogg

UPDATE Lana del Rey

Even I was surprised by the big success of Lana del Reys’ song “Video Games”, now her first album “Born to Die” will be released on January 30, 2012 ūüôā The single with the same name is set for release 23rd January and the video is already out (Update: The GEMA denied the official video today. I reloaded another version, but Idon’t know how long it will work…):

More infos about Lana del Rey are available HERE.

Puzzle time

Working on a jigsaw puzzle seems to be the ideal winter hobby. Just imagine: Outside the wind is blowing and you are sitting under a warm blanket, next to you a hot cup of tea and everything you’re focused on is this one piece that should fit exactly at this other piece… Sounds like sheer relaxation! I Think I will give it a try.

Flamingos …beautiful motive.

PuzzleSilver … this looks difficult.

Orchestra … so many tiny persons.

Hi there …funny figures.

Notes …for the musicians out there.

That’s the one I just bought. Wish me luck!

Keith Haring …contains incredible 32000 pieces!

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There’s a trend in photography I just realised when I revisited my bookmarks labeled “art”. Obviously, it is really fun to remake old photos, album covers (…ok, with CATS!) or paintings. I think it’s really inspirational. So, what should I recycle by photography? Give me your ideas – the best one I promise to realise and present you here!

Back to the Future 2 (2011) – Irina Werning (via spreeblick):The Kitten Covers (also via spreeblick):

Remake (via the jealous curator):

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Cauliflower and Chickpeas Stew with Couscous

Last week I discovered this delicious Cauliflower and Chickpeas Stew with Couscous recipe on the blog smithratliff. Since I really like cauliflower AND chickpeas AND couscous, I couldn’t resist and tried it out immediately – like I said: DELICIOUS.

Photo by Franzi.

Tights, tights, tights!

I saw one beautiful pair of tights, and then another… and another… and another… Now, I can’t decide anymore. But hey, a girl has never enough tights for all her skirts and dresses and shorts…
What’s your favorite? Let me know!

Sexy ASOS Overknee tights.

Skyscraper tights from Woolford.

Cute warm tights from Topshop.

That’s my color: Ocher tights from Topshop.

These look so cozy… but are they wearable? Tights with patches from Hansel from Basel via ASOS.

Dark blue dotted tights from ASOS (…still in love with dots).

Tights with tiny hearts from ASOS.

Topshop Overknee Tights.

DIY instruction for gradient tights via The Coveted.

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The D√ł

The french band The D√ł is for sure no insider tip anymore, but still I get the urge to present them here today. I adore the voice of singer Olivia Merilahti, love the rhythm of their songs and I’m sometimes struck by their texts which seem to come right out of my life…

What’s wrong with you¬†¬† ¬†
What is it you want?    
What’s so special¬†¬† ¬†
to love ’bout me¬†¬† ¬†
I’m¬† ordinary¬†¬† ¬†¬†

And¬† you’re too insistent¬†¬† ¬†
You are too insistent    
Don’t you start and instant¬†¬† ¬†
I know not   

The Do – Too Insistent from thatgo on Vimeo.

More information here.

Best of Barcelona!

At the beginning of this month, I spend a few days in Barcelona together with my friend Isa ūüôā Here, I present you our best places and experiences. Due to the bad weather, we were most of the time inside buildings and soon we recognized, that this is also possible inside SHOPS (…it was an expensive trip ūüėČ ). – That’s why at the bottom of this post you will also find a list of nice stores.

I Tapas Bars (our fav: Taller de Tapas), II beautiful street bricks, III Gaudis Casa Batll√≥, IV Fundaci√≥ Joan Mir√≥ (…we saw there our absolute favourite paintings of him: Bleu I,II and III – gorgeous!), V the nicest district of Barcelona (full of bars and crowded places): Gr√†cia, VI pintxos donostiarras at Irati– delicious canap√©s served like tapas, VII the colorful market la boqueria, VIII architectural digest: the Mies van der Rohe pavilion.

My top 3 stores list:
fet amb love
Pull and Bear
Womens Secret

Picture credits: II, III, V, VII, VIII by my pal Isa (for more information contact me). I, IV, VI appear after clicking the upper links. Central pic by Franzi.

November Cake

Okay, this cake is termed “November Cake”, but you can eat it the whole winter long. The name is just a form of self-control. Otherwise one would begin to bake the first of this chocolate-apple-cinammon treat in early August.

Picture by Franzi

I love this cake. Always and forever…. not only in November!

Recipe: Serves 8-10 persons

Ingredients: 200 g sugar, 250 g butter, 6 eggs, 250 g all-purpose flour, 1 packet baking powder, 1 TBS cinnamon, 2 TBS cocoa,120 g chopped almonds, 6 apples

For the frosting: 1 packet powdered sugar, rum

Preparation: Stir egg yolks, sugar and butter/margarine until light. Add flour, almonds, cocoa, cinnamon and baking powder. Afterwards, add diced apple pieces. In the end, fold egg whites into the mixture. Spread the mixture onto a greased baking tray and bake it for 35-40 min at 175¬į-180¬įC.¬† Apply the frosting onto the chilled cake.


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