Bye 2011…

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It was an extraordinary year full of surprises, small and big adventures as well as new and old aquaintances. Some people were gone, some new are found. In the end, I think it was a good one, but I’m still hoping the fresh year will be even better!

I’m looking forward to 2012 and wish you all a nice party tonight. Have fun with your friends and everyone you want to spent this big time with! See you next year!


Those were my books 2011!

I realised I read a bunch of books during the last 12 month. Here are my mini-reviews (alphabetical order):

Delirium by Lauren Oliver: What happens if everyone thinks that love is a disease…I wrote already about it and can’t wait for the follow-up book Pandemonium in March 2012.

Die Kunst kein Egoist zu sein by Richard David Precht: This was the first book we read in our Literature cycle and it raised many questions/topics for discussion.

Fever of the Bone by Val McDermid (Picture credit and review): This is one of the best crime novels I ever read (even better than her “The Wire in the Blood“). An incredible story after that you are even more conscious of what you reveal in social networks…

Gomorrha by Roberto Saviano (Picture credit and small review, ENGLISH): Another book of our Literature Circle. I learnt a lot about the Camorra and their networking with the industry in general. Nevertheless, I was not really into his writing style. Roberto Saviano sacrificed a lot by publishing this book – his private life, his friends and his own future. He still lives in Italy as political writer (under constant protection in a hidden place) instead of assume a different identity in another country, which I think is incredible brave!

My single friend by Jane Costello (Picture credit and review): Okay, this was one of my so-called chick-lit treats. Nice story about a girl who initiates a make-over of her best male friend and her afterwards realising that maybe he is more than JUST a friend.

One Day by David Nicholls (Picture credit and review): Since the film is out, I think everyone knows what this book is about – girl meets boy and the readers follows their destiny over the next two decades, by getting the view points of either Emma or Dexter on the 15th of July of each year. The book really took me from the start and I never expected the end. Fantastic!

The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen (Picture Credit and Wikipedia): I already wrote about this book. It took a while, but in the end I loved it.

The Gift by Cecilia Ahern (Picture Credit and Review) : This was my X-Mas Book this year. What happens when you suddenly would be able to be at two places at the same time. Where would you choose to be? Magic… and a little bit sad.

The Other Hand by Chris Cleave (Picture credit and review) : My number one this year! I am not allowed to tell you what it is about, but you HAVE to read it!

The Single Girl’s To-Do List by Lindsey Kelk (Picture Credit and review) : My second chick-lit treat this year. I am really into to-do lists, so the title grabbed my attention immediately. What can I say about it – it a relaxing, fun read… but not more.

Things I want my Daughters to know by Elizabeth Noble (Picture Credit and Review): This book is not as girly as it looks like. It’s a heartbreaking novel about mother that died of cancer and left each of her daughters a special letter, that changes their lives.

This Body Of Death by Elizabeth George (Picture Credit): Another crime novel, this time by Elizabeth George, whose Inspector Lynley always investigates the worst cases. I read the whole Lynley series and in my opinion his personal development is an important factor for the book’s success.

Wir haben keine Angst by Nina Pauer (Picture Credit and Review) : Again a book we read in the literature circle. This one was a bit disappointing since it didn’t offer a lot of discussion points. It was easy to follow Nina Pauer’s ideas, but the book didn’t offer any new points of view.
Wofür stehst Du? by Axel Hacke and Giovanni di Lorenzo (Picture Credit and Review): The fourth book of our Literature Circle. Two public men analyse how and why they developed their values of life. The book was easy to read and gave an insight into two very different lives. Big recommendation!

What comes next:

Death du Jour by Kathy Reichs (Picture Credit and Review) : This is new on my bedside table. A colleague of mine recommended the crime novels of Kathy Reichs to me. I will let you know, if it is worth a try.


What can you eat at a New Year’s Party? Mmh, that’s an easy one – FONDUE! Nothing is better than to enjoy the melting warmth together with a long chat with dear friends around a hot pot of broth/cheese/chocolate…

Classic: Broth fondue by Tim Mälzer (German).

2nd place in the Food52 “Your Best Fondue” Contest: Fondue Fribourgeois.

Easy: Martha Stewart’s three-cheese fondue recipe.

Irish: Martha Stewart’s Blue Cheese Fondue.

Spicy: Spiced Cumin & Curry Fondue via Food52.

Mediterranean: Fondue Espanol via Food52.

Sweet I: Martha Stewart’s Chocolate Fondue.

Sweet II: Martha Stuart’s Caramel Fondue.


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Sparkle up!

New Year parties are the perfect opportunity to sparkle up your outfit! Here comes a small collection of sequined items that will lighten up even the darkest nights:


Dress from ASOS Petite

Sequined black dress from ASOS (My favorite! Unfortunately the most expensive one…)

Sequined Blazer from ZARA

Sequined mini-skirt from Forever 21

Sweatshirt with sparkly sleeves from ASOS

Red dress from TFNC via ASOS

Accessories:Earrings from Topshop

Bag from ZARA

Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish

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Those were the songs 2011

Last week of the year always means to have a look back onto the last twelve months. That’s why I present you today my (completely personal) list of the 20 songs of the year 2011. Have fun while listening and I would be happy to read what your favorite songs were.

1. Kitty, Daisy & Lewis – Messing With My Life

2. Post Break-Up Sex by The Vaccines

3. Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimbra) by Gotye

4. Ritual Union by Little Dragon

5. ZAZ – Je veux

6. Sadness Is a Blessing by LykkeLi

7. Metronomy – The Look

8. Bon Iver – I Can’t Make You Love Me

9. The do – too insistent

10. Typhoon – Summer Home

11. Thees Uhlmann – On A Plain (Nirvana Cover)

12. Frankie & The Heartstrings – Tender

13. The Raveonettes – Forget That You’re Young

14. The Naked And Famous – Girls Like You

15. The Sounds – Wish You Were Here

16. The Head and the Heart – Lost In My Mind

17. Feist – How Come You Never Go There

18. The Kooks – Junk of the Heart (Happy)

19. The Weeknd – Wicked Games

20. Soothe Me by Yuck

It’s Party Time! Let’s Play!

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Here they come, the final days of this year. So, this week is dedicated to everything that has to do with party, celebrating, the past and the coming year.

I would like to begin with a topic I promised potential new readers of My so-called Luck on a party last week – PARTY GAMES! They are badly needed either as warm-up at a party where not many people know each other (yet) or if the party is going on very well and people are just in the mood for playing.

Here comes a list with my games suggestions:

1. Who am I? – Wer bin ich?

I played this one last month with a bunch of girls at a X-Mas Party. It was hilarous…and I was Jesus! HERE you find an instruction.

2. Spin the bottle/Truth or dare – Flaschendrehen/Wahrheit oder Pflicht

Okay, that’s the one we all played as teens in strong anticipation of our first kiss (a German instruction plus ideas for truth AND dare you find HERE). But when I’m thinking about it, I would really like to play it again. Maybe in combination with these great conversation starter cards (either in English or in German).

3. German New Years Eve tradition: Lead Pouring/Bleigießen

Meld the lead over a candle, then shock-freeze it in cool water and, afterwards, analyze the form. It will make predictions of how your next year will turn out to be. Great fun! And wild predictions

4. Murderer

This game is quite psychological since you have to identify the murderer or you will be killed by him very soon… In the end every guest is under suspicion.

 5. Wooden spoons

Hmm, guessing someones identity by feeling him with wooden spoons? Sounds strange, could be fun…. HERE is an instruction.

6. Lines from a hat

If you are a bunch of people knowing each other very well, this improv game may be a great laugh!

7. Bop it

You have to pay for it once, but I KNOW it’s worth it. It was the biggest fun on every party I ever saw it. You may buy it HERE.

What are your favorite party games? Tell me!

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The weather forecast for Germany is not very promising in terms of a white X-Mas. Nevertheless, I would like to show you these beautiful pictures of single snow crystals. Each unique in its shape. Magic! Isn’t nature the best artist around us?

Snowflakes 1


Snowflakes 2


Snowflakes 3 via Anthology


Snowflakes 4


Snowflakes 5


Snowflakes 6


Snowflakes 7 via Anthology

Only one more night until X-Mas eve! I wish you all a few happy, peasant and relaxing Christmas days!

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Keeps warm: Punch and Mulled Wine

What would X-Mas be like without a hot cup of mulled wine in your hands? I really cannot imagine to stand in the freezing cold on a X-Mas market without it. Here I present you a small collection for easy-to-prepare-at-home punch recipes.

Enjoy and keep warm!

The classic mulled wine: THIS is the recipe I’m using since a few years (german) and THIS is the Jamie Oliver’s instruction (english).

This one won the Your Best Punch Contest at Food 52: Apple Rye Punch.

Traditional english punch: Eggnog.

Something different: Mulled White-Wine Sangria.

Without booth: Apricot-Apple Cider Punch.

Only two more days until X-Mas Eve…

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Reindeer sweaters

Do you remember THIS Bridget Jones scenePicture credit here.

I really love this moment of the film. Therefore, I searched the web for glorious X-Mas Jumpers. Have fun:

This is Mr Darcy at its best: Topshop.


This one is more Bridget: Zalando. I like the colour.

Puristic version: Forever 21.

Clever twist: Roe-deers instead of reindeers can be worn also outside the holiday season: H&M.

I found a knitting instruction for this gorgeous antique sweater in the Australian Home Journal Book (1949-52):And this guy is sooo funny. Great project!
The world’s worst X-mas sweaters: Daily Mail article.

Only three more days until X-mas eve…

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