November Favs!

I have to admit that November is not one of my favorite months… Okay, to be very clear about it: I dread it. Everything is gray and dusty and cold and wet. Not very mood-lifting, indeed. But one should see the positive things as well … mmh… wait, I will find something soon. Oh yeah – here are my November Favs!

Have a wonderful (not too grey) November! Or… make the best of it!

I know, I already have a record player, but mine is not as cool as this portable beauty! Jealous! Via ModCloth.

Cute sweater by OYSHO.

Sometimes it feels like Lizzy Stewart in her SOLO project is not depicting her own but MY life!

I like this look! It’s just a combination of items I would immediately choose for myself! Via The Moptop.

Finally! I found a cute and affordable small bag! Via Monki.

Apple Butter via La Domestique. Perfect to preserve this nice and cozy fall feeling for grey winter breakfasts.

This song has a calming effect on me.

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2 Kommentare zu „November Favs!“

  1. How cool is the simpson opening in real. So funny.
    And I have to admit i like the sweater. But why are the sweater so short at the moment?? I dont wanna show my belly everybody.
    Thumbs up for Lizzy Stewart she always makes me laugh and transports so much with so little. Girl you hit the nail on the head! 🙂

    1. You’re absolutely right with the current sweater shapes. I think in comparison with most of the sweaters you find in the shops now, this one is quite okay. But still, I also don’t feel like always wearing several layers to cover my belly ;). XO!

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