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Sommerpause :)!

Bei uns stehen einige große Veränderungen an in nächster Zeit, deshalb gönne ich mir eine kleine Sommerpause :). Weiter geht’s auf dem Blog Mitte/Ende September. Macht es gut bis dahin, passt auf Euch auf & bleibt gesund! Habt einen wundervollen (Spät-)Sommer!

Fascinating Large-Scale Greenland Pastels by Zaria Forman!

***contains unpaid advertising*** New York based Artist Zaria Forman creates with her fingers large-scale photorealistic pastels. Her Greenland series shows the arctic sea and its gigantic icebergs. The drawings are inspired by her trip to Greenland in 2012 that was originally planned by her mother who did not live to see it through. In this …

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Avocado Ice-Cream? Avocado Ice-Cream!

Pic by Franzi. A few months ago, I went out with some friends of mine to celebrate their first marriage anniversary at a fine restaurant. There, they served avocado ice-cream together with a hearty meal. I was extremely curious: I couldn’t really imagine the taste of sweet avocado ice-cream and least of all together with …

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Germany: Vote!

Pic by Franzi. (The yellow color DOESN’T stand for any party!) Dear German readers. This one is important: Today there are the elections to the Bundestag. Please vote! Thereby democracy has still a meaning. Thereby you are a part of our country, its political decisions and its future. Again: Go out now – and vote! …

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