Bye Bye Old Flat!

OS1My old view. All pics by Franzi.

Finally! My old flat in Osnabrück is empty and clean. Today is our last day together: It feels like an era ending. I loved this flat (but not my landlords) and I loved the time of my life that I lived there. Now it’s time to change, to start something new. In Hamburg. In a much smaller space. Without a balcony (but at least something like a terrace). Good bye good old flat that I called home for 8 long years. Hello new adventures!

I wish you a wonderful weekend full of new experiences and good-old comfort zones :D!

OS6The living room.

OS4The bedroom – later I also packed my laptop away.

OS5The empty kitchen looks quite antique.

OS2The balcony without any plants – feels somehow sterile and naked.

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