Avocado Ice-Cream? Avocado Ice-Cream!

Avocado IcecreamPic by Franzi.

A few months ago, I went out with some friends of mine to celebrate their first marriage anniversary at a fine restaurant. There, they served avocado ice-cream together with a hearty meal. I was extremely curious: I couldn’t really imagine the taste of sweet avocado ice-cream and least of all together with something hearty. So, I tried it …and was convinced instantly. Afterwards, I dreamed some weeks about this taste experience. Finally, I had my cooking club over at my flat and served them avocado ice-cream – together with pumpkin ravioli. …I dare say that it was a success and that now there are even more avocado ice-cream admirers on this planet 😉


Ingredients: 3 ripe avocados, juice of two limes, 200-400 g sugar (depends on how sweet you like it – I used 400 g: for my sweet tooth :)), a dash of salt, 450 ml coconut milk

Preparation: Blend all the ingredients with each other until a smooth texture is reached. Freeze overnight and take it out at room temperature app. 30 minutes before serving to soften.



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