November Favs!

What happened that we already are in November? Where have September and October gone? Why do I have to think about X-Mas presents now? Okay, let’s stop being sentimental at this point. The fact is that we have November, it’s rainy and slightly cold outside. The bright side is that it gets cozier inside and we can start to meet up with our friends for baking the first cookies (Yay!), eating November cake (Yay yay!) or even drinking the first punch (Yay yay yay!).

I wish you a cozy & warm start into this new month and a fresh week (Yay!)!

An extremely pretty autumnal look! Via Street Style Chic.

Sophisticated letter pendants! Via Turina.

A funny autumnal DIY idea for kids: Animal leaves! Via Handmade Charlotte.

This funny otter pic mad me laugh! Via Girly Me.

A DIY idea for us girls (maybe as X-Mas present for the best friend?): Golden bracelets! Via Funkytime.

Mmmmh… Apple Spice Sorbet. It may be cold in November but it’s never to cold for a delicious sorbet! Via My New Roots.

And a cool song for a relaxed start into this new month: Rihanna’s song Stay interpreted by 30 Seconds To Mars. Wow: 

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